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31 Mar 2017, 11:42am by Nathan Forster

Playmaker Score 2017 (ESPN version)

Here are Nathan Forster's Playmaker Score projections for the top WR prospects of 2017. John Ross comes out as our No. 1 prospect even though Playmaker Score doesn't account for 40 time. Corey Davis has one of the strongest projections ever for a senior. Mike Williams comes out as a bit overrated -- not a lot, just a bit. As we did last year, there will be an expanded piece with all the Playmaker Scores for 2017 (both "rating" and "projection") on FO next week.

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24 Mar 2017, 11:59am by Aaron Schatz

ESPN: Ranking NFL's Best Teams at Every Position Post-Free Agency

Back before the playoffs, I wrote for ESPN Insider ranking the units of all 12 playoff teams. This article is similar, but looks at the top-10 teams at each unit after free agency. The FO staff had some debate on some of my decisions at QB and WR/TE, where it's difficult to figure out just how to separate a quarterback from his receivers. And can you guess which NFL franchise is No. 1 for one unit but below-average everywhere else?

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03 Mar 2017, 10:56am by The Outsiders

ESPN: Bold Moves for Every NFC Team

Part II on ESPN Insider: As we did last year, the FO staff put together a bold move recommendation for all 32 teams. There's a lot of Alshon Jeffrey talk here. NFC piece is written by Vincent Verhei, Bryan Knowles, Andrew Potter, and Carl Yoder.

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01 Mar 2017, 01:16pm by The Outsiders

ESPN: Bold Moves for Every AFC Team

New ESPN Insider piece: As we did last year, the FO staff put together a bold move recommendation for all 32 teams. The Bills should let Stephon Gilmore walk, the Steelers should re-sign Le'Veon Bell instead of just franchising him, and more suggestions. AFC piece is written by Aaron Schatz, Rivers McCown, Tom Gower, and Scott Kacsmar. NFC will run on Friday.

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09 Feb 2017, 12:53pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN: Best Super Bowl Runners-Up

Inspired by Brian Fremeau's similar article on losers of the NCAA National Championship, here's a look at the best Super Bowl losers of the last 25 years according to DVOA. These ratings include the playoffs and remove "sit the starters" games. You know the 2007 Patriots are No. 1 but No. 2 and No. 3 are probably a surprise. And, honestly... I may need to look into why we have the 2001 Rams so low next time I go to improve the system.

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09 Feb 2017, 12:14pm by Rivers McCown

ESPN: Which Teams Should Go After Romo?

Which teams should be in the market for Tony Romo's services?

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03 Feb 2017, 01:39pm by Scott Kacsmar

ESPN: Sneaky Stats to Swing Super Bowl LI

Here's another Super Bowl LI preview from us. We're looking at a number of under-the-radar stats that will affect the game, including: the Patriots' excellent yards after catch average, which quarterback should get blitzed, and whether Matt Ryan has a strong history with fourth-quarter comebacks.

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28 Jan 2017, 02:31pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN: Hidden Rings

I finally wrote a full article on one of my favorite topics, "hidden rings." This is an all-star team of players who you may not know won the Super Bowl because they didn't do it with the team they are historically associated with. I get to discuss many all-time greats including Lomas Brown, Hacksaw Reynolds, Larry Centers, and of course Bernie Kosar. Best of all, unlike most FO content on ESPN, this article is not on Insider. It's free!

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28 Jan 2017, 02:29pm by Scott Kacsmar

ESPN: Best Veterans Without a Ring

This piece on ESPN Insider complements today's other piece on "hidden rings." We go through and put together an all-star team of the best veterans (pre-2010 draft) who have never won a Super Bowl. Perhaps some of these players will eventually switch teams and win a long-awaited title.

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25 Jan 2017, 02:40pm by Rivers McCown

ESPN: Breakout Super Bowl LI Prospects

We took the usual guidelines for our Top 25 Prospects list and used those to uncover four possible under-the-radar prospects to play a major role in Super Bowl LI. Who is the Chris Matthews of 2017? Unfortunately, the Final Fantasy VII joke was cut.

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