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14 Mar 2013

ESPN: How Steven Jackson Helps Atlanta

A look at the upgrade from Michael Turner to Steven Jackson. It's not a risk-free move, but it's one that will probably pay dividends for Atlanta.

Posted by: Rivers McCown on 14 Mar 2013

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by dryheat :: Fri, 03/15/2013 - 12:16pm

Isn't the simple answer here "Because he's a much better football player."

Not unlike How Peyton Manning helped the Broncos.

by Karl Cuba :: Fri, 03/15/2013 - 1:55pm

I think I might have mentioned how his quality pass blocking means that the Falcons won't have to rely on a rookie that might get Matt Ryan killed when they go to no huddle. I remember him flattening Willis on a blitz last year, it was very impressive.

by Bud Bundy (not verified) :: Sat, 03/16/2013 - 5:50pm

I really don't think it matters who they've got running the ball if the o-line doesn't block better. $4m a year is not bad at all for a starting RB, but it feels like they've traded one past-his-prime RB for another.

by MC2 :: Mon, 03/18/2013 - 6:23am

I think the Falcons would have been better off to grab a cheap young RB in the draft, and spend all their free agent money on defense (e.g. re-signing Brent Grimes and/or finding a pass rusher to replace the departed John Abraham).

IMO, gambling on aging RBs (especially those who have been ridden as hard as Jackson has) is almost always a very dubious proposition.

by Nick W. (not verified) :: Tue, 03/19/2013 - 7:46pm

As a long time Rams fan, you saw about his only highlight when you saw the block of Willis. Jackson, despite his size, is an absolutely brutal blocker. Probably one of the worst I have ever seen.

There is a reason the Rams would sub in Kenneth Darby, the guy who was able to get knocked out by a ref, in for Jackson on passing plays. I will miss Steven, but absolutely not his blocking.