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16 Jan 2013

FO on ESPN: Denver's Window with Manning

Did the Denver Broncos just miss their one shot at a championship with Peyton Manning? Probably not. We put Manning's 2012 campaign into context (turns out it was really good), guesstimate how many more seasons he'll play, and what Denver needs to fix to contend again in 2013.

Posted by: Vincent Verhei on 16 Jan 2013

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by anotherpatsfan :: Thu, 01/17/2013 - 4:52pm

Of course Brady will continue to outplay Manning until into his 50s, when his kid will take over for the Pats...
Actually, interesting article that gives significant hope to Bronco's fans for a relatively short (but not insignficant in the NFL) window of continued solid/excellent play by Manning. If only they could dome Mile High in the offseason...

by MehlLageman56 (not verified) :: Fri, 01/18/2013 - 9:05pm

To be honest, the Patriots' window may be shorter, simply because the talent around Brady is injury-prone (the two tight ends), aging (the receivers, Wilfork, Mankins), up soon for contracts ( Vollmer, Talib), not to mention that the two corners helping to make the defense decent are potential head cases. It will be interesting how this offseason plays out for New England.

by anotherpatsfan :: Sat, 01/19/2013 - 10:37pm

We will see. Window open to some degree as long as Brady or Mnning play well -- top flight QB important resource for NFL success which should not be squiamdered. The owners will be motivated to keep talent around them while they still have it, which could be longer for Brady based on age. Patriots roster will probably be noticeably different next year and even more so the next -- nature of the beast. It amazed me that only 7 Patriots played in both Patriots Giants Super Bowls -- that struck me as substantial turnover but probably makes sense given average career length.

by MehlLageman56 (not verified) :: Sun, 01/20/2013 - 2:17am

I actually think they've done a decent job rebuilding the defense. Keeping the talent around Brady or Peyton will cause problems with the salary cap later on though. Fans of both teams need to keep their expectations low for after their respective hall of famers retire. Enjoy it now while it lasts.