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06 Dec 2012, 02:11pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN Upset Watch: Panthers over Falcons

Well, you knew this was coming, but we've got some interesting numbers here about how Atlanta's defensive weakness matches Cam Newton's passing strength. Cover Watch looks at Thursday night's game and just how rare it is for a double-digit road favorite to cover.

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29 Nov 2012, 02:04pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN Upset Watch: Seahawks over Bears

What happens when the offense that depends more on its No. 1 receiver than any other meets the defense that leads the league in defending against No. 1 receivers?

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15 Nov 2012, 04:26pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN Upset Watch: Bears over 49ers

Maybe the difference between Jay Cutler and Jason Campbell isn't that big. It certainly pales in comparison to the difference between Alex Smith under pressure and Alex Smith not under pressure. Also, in Cover Watch: Arizona's offense may suck, but the defense is still good.

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08 Nov 2012, 10:47am by Aaron Schatz

ESPN: Upset Watch: Bengals over Giants

Are the Giants about to go on another second-half slide, and is Cincinnati a team well-equipped to make it happen? Plus: Cover Watch on Oakland-Baltimore.

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01 Nov 2012, 12:17pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN Upset Watch: Cowboys over Falcons

With no likely upsets to write about this week, we look at what could be the most surprising upset. What does Dallas need to do in order to knock off Atlanta? Plus: Why Buffalo could run on Houston almost as much as Houston will run on Buffalo.

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25 Oct 2012, 10:57am by Aaron Schatz

ESPN Upset Watch: Redskins over Steelers

The ground game could be Washington's ticket to an upset win in Pittsburgh this weekend. Cover watch looks at San Francisco at Arizona, two teams in the division where home cookin' tastes the sweetest.

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18 Oct 2012, 10:49am by Aaron Schatz

ESPN Upset Watch: Ravens over Texans

ESPN Upset Watch is on a four-game winning streak, but just like last week I don't think the line in this game in particularly wrong. This is less about why the Ravens will topple the Texans, and more about how the Ravens offense can attack the Texans defense in order to overcome the injury issues that the Ravens have on their own defense and outscore Houston. Cover watch looks at the double-digit line on the biggest game of the week, Jets-Patriots. And how do we know it's the biggest game of the week? 'CAUSE THAT'S WHERE I'M GONNA BE. (These last three sentences are copyright 2012 Sal Paolantonio.)

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11 Oct 2012, 11:50am by Aaron Schatz

ESPN Upset Watch: Packers over Texans

Frankly, not a very good week for Upset Watch, with most lines at three points or less. No game really sticks out as a possible upset, but Green Bay-Houston comes closest because Green Bay really isn't playing like a 2-3 team. (Houston, however, is playing like a 5-0 team, which is why this wasn't the easiest week to pick an Upset Watch.) Cover Watch is Tennessee-Pittsburgh.

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04 Oct 2012, 09:54am by Danny Tuccitto

ESPN Upset Watch: Dolphins over Bengals

A closer look shows that the 3-1 Bengals have gotten all the breaks, and the 1-3 Dolphins have not, but the two teams are relatively equal. Plus, Cover Watch looks at the return of Brady vs. Manning.

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27 Sep 2012, 02:59pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN Upset Watch: Bears over Cowboys

Today's upset watch looks at the Bears, fifth in VOA and underdogs on the road against Dallas, 18th. Two similar teams, with one big difference: special teams. Special teams are also the secret behind our Cover Watch, Tennessee at Houston.

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