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20 Sep 2012, 11:56am by Aaron Schatz

ESPN Upset Watch: Cardinals over Eagles

This week: How the replacement refs can help the Cardinals surprise the Eagles, and why the placement of cornerbacks is critically important in this game. "Cover Watch" looks at San Francisco at Minnesota. A change this week: From now on, we're only going to cover games where the line is at least three points.

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13 Sep 2012, 12:32pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN Upset Watch: Ravens over Eagles

Once upon a time, the Ravens brought pressure, but Michael Vick was great when pressured. Last week, the Ravens didn't bring as much pressure, and Michael Vick was awful when pressured. What wins out this Sunday?

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06 Sep 2012, 02:37pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN Upset Watch: Steelers over Broncos

Debuting a new weekly feature for ESPN Insider: Upset Watch. Each week, I'll be doing game analysis on the most likely upset of the weekend according to the FO Premium picks system. We'll also include a couple paragraphs on the most likely underdog to cover. This week: An overrated Denver defense makes Pittsburgh a smart pick in Week 1, plus why 12.5 is a lot to give Miami against Houston.

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