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13 Dec 2012

ESPN Upset Watch: Eagles over Bengals

To play spoiler, Andy Reid is going to have to embrace his inner running back (by which I mean: Bryce Brown). Plus, Cover Watch looks at how the 49ers can keep up with the Patriots. Hi, Vernon Davis. Hi again, Vernon Davis. Hi some more, Vernon Davis.

Posted by: Aaron Schatz on 13 Dec 2012

2 comments, Last at 14 Dec 2012, 5:17pm by Bjorn Nittmo


by Karl Cuba :: Thu, 12/13/2012 - 6:32pm

Quite a lot of what you've written in the SF-NE bit makes me think LaMichael James; running outside and while they might be 31st in DVOA against tight ends they're only 22nd against running backs and it's a high volume 22nd too, they give up the second most yards in the league there, James is fast.

by Bjorn Nittmo :: Fri, 12/14/2012 - 5:17pm

I'm not an Insider, so I'm not sure what other game(s?) was covered in this article, but seems to me Browns over Redskins is the upset to watch for. Especially if RGIII is limited by his knee injury but plays the whole game. Maybe just wishful thinking on my part since I'm a Giants fan.