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01 Nov 2009, 03:47pm by Mike Tanier

In Philadelphia, Heroes with a Lunch Pail

With the Eagles playing (destroying) the Giants this afternoon and the Phillies hosting the Yankees tonight, here's a Mike Tanier special in today's New York Times, attempting to explain Philadelphia fandom to the New Yorkers. Not strictly football, but strictly awesome.

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30 Oct 2009, 05:34pm by Mike Tanier

NYT: Week 8 Matchups

This week, Mr. Tanier compares the Lions and Browns to geishas (which is probably an insult the geishas, football-wise), finds Saints covered in Fudge, and disagrees with the notion that Vince Young is a straight shooter with upper management written all over him.

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29 Oct 2009, 08:06am by Doug Farrar

WaPo: Sack Leaders Aren't Built Overnight

This week's Washington Post stat column features a quick look at the Gaines Adams trade and early-career histories of recent sack kings, with the help of Defensive Similarity Scores put together by Vince Verhei.

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23 Oct 2009, 03:37pm by Mike Tanier

NYT: Week 7 Matchups

Here's the Week 7 Matchup piece for the New York Times.

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22 Oct 2009, 11:03am by Doug Farrar

Breakdown: Beating the Zone Blitz

This week's play animation in the Washington Post details a Philly zone blitz, and how the Redskins might deal with it. No matter who's calling the plays for the Redskins this week, it would behoove them to keep Jason Campbell in there against the Eagles on Monday night (or at least avoid the quick hook).

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16 Oct 2009, 04:13pm by Mike Tanier

NY Times: Week 6 Matchups

Mike Tanier's Week 6 matchups.

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14 Oct 2009, 07:49pm by Doug Farrar

The Breakdown: Screen Test

This week's Washington Post animated play diagram illustrates one way to use screens against the Chiefs, who the Redskins will face this Sunday. The animation is based on Hakeem Nicks' 54-yard receiver screen TD against Kansas City in Week 4.

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14 Oct 2009, 07:02pm by Doug Farrar

Smarter Stats: The Brady Rule Effect

This week's stat column for the Washington Post discusses the last five years of roughing the passer penalties, and whether marquee quarterbacks get the benefit of the doubt.

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09 Oct 2009, 02:57pm by Mike Tanier

NY Times: Week 5 Matchups

Pumpkin chuckin', Roethlisbergium, and the Kora Superdeep Borehole all figure into Mike Tanier's analysis of this week's NFL matchups.

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08 Oct 2009, 12:52am by Doug Farrar

The Breakdown: Panther Powerball

This week's animated game preview at the Washington Post looks at how the Carolina Panthers, the Redskins' Sunday opponent, like to double up their tight ends and run power all over the place. The play is based on Jonathan Stewart's 28-yard run against the Falcons in Week 2.

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