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29 Jul 2009, 01:55pm by Doug Farrar

Jim Johnson: A Decade in Review

Here's a piece I did for the Washington Post about Jim Johnson's 10-year term with the Eagles -- how he brought the house and still managed to keep gap control, the respect he earned on and off the field, and the hope that his memory will finally have the Hall of Fame voters paying more attention to career assistant coaches who make enormous differences with their teams.

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06 Jul 2009, 01:25pm by Doug Farrar

Steve McNair: A Statistical Retrospective

This weekend, I went back and took a look at Steve McNair's career from a stat perspective for the Washington Post's "League" section. The news surrounding his life and death becomes more and more complex, but I wanted to remember the player who, for a period of time in the early part of this decade, was as good as any quarterback in the NFL.

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05 May 2009, 10:44am by Doug Farrar

Aaron Curry Learns a New Language

For the final entry in the Washington Post's PreDraft series, I got to head out to the Seahawks' new (and mind-bogglingly impressive) practice facility to watch Aaron Curry's third NFL practice and talk to him after about the new chapter in his life.

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26 Apr 2009, 07:00am by Doug Farrar

Four Ways to Draft Day -- The QB Problem

In this WaPo piece, Steve Mariucci, Jon Gruden, Brian Billick, and Charley Casserly discuss the evaluation of quarterbacks, and how things can go very wrong on draft day.

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25 Apr 2009, 09:52am by Doug Farrar

Mike Reilly, The Undersold Overachiever

The final PreDraft player feature for the Washington Post is about Central Washington quarterback Mike Reilly, who broke most of Jon Kitna's school records. Does he have NFL attributes? Check out the Greg Cosell quote.

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21 Apr 2009, 10:53pm by Doug Farrar

Mark Sanchez: Quality Over Quantity

The penultimate PreDraft prospect profile for the Washington Post goes in depth with the USC quarterback. We talk about small sample size, coming back from upset losses, undersold arm strength, and much more.

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20 Apr 2009, 02:37am by Doug Farrar

Ziggy Hood: Ahead of the Game

The latest prospect profile piece for the Washington Post's PreDraft section takes on Missouri defensive tackle Evander "Ziggy" Hood, who has a bright future as a penetrating 4-3 tackle or possibly a 3-4 end.

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14 Apr 2009, 10:33am by Doug Farrar

The Two Sides of Everette Brown

The latest installment in the Washington Post's PreDraft series of player profiles covers Florida State defensive end Everette Brown, who might be the best pure pass-rusher in this year's draft class.

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08 Apr 2009, 08:02pm by Doug Farrar

Donald Brown -- Words and Deeds

This Washington Post feature about the UConn running back, who led the nation in rushing yards and is part of the best draft class in school history, discusses how he's doing just as much off the field.

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06 Apr 2009, 09:35pm by Doug Farrar

Speed Score Clarifies RB 40 Times

Here's Bill Barnwell's piece for the Washington Post's PreDraft section about the Speed Score stat, and what it might mean for this year's class of running backs.

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