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18 Nov 2008, 08:50pm by Doug Farrar

Smarter Stats: Hard Targets

This week's Washington Post stat article details the FO DVOA numbers per receiver, adding in passes and yards per game.

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14 Nov 2008, 10:28am by Bill Barnwell

Five Downs With DMN: Week 11

This week's conversation with Tim MacMahon reveals the (unadjusted) Game Charting Numbers for cornerbacks and whether Brad Johnson's the worst backup quarterback in the DVOA era.

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11 Nov 2008, 02:32pm by Doug Farrar

Smarter Stats: Divisional DVOA

This week's "Smarter Stats" column for the Washington Post looks at the best-to-worst divisions based on combined DVOA through Week 9. The top division isn't a surprise, but the movcement in power from the AFC to the NFC since the last time we did this cumulative DVOA thing is pretty interesting.

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07 Nov 2008, 02:19pm by Doug Farrar

Inside the Numbers: Seahawks at Dolphins

This week's FO Seattle Times Seahawks preview has an Animal Planet feel to it. "Crikey -- I've never seen a Wildcat do that to a Seahawk!"

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07 Nov 2008, 03:14am by Bill Barnwell

Five Downs With DMN: Week 10

This week's chat with the Dallas Morning News's Tim MacMahon uses charting data fresh from the presses to analyze the 'Boys performance against the Giants.

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04 Nov 2008, 10:10pm by Doug Farrar

Smarter Stats: Ten Great Assistants

This week's FO article for the Washington Post brings up the names of ten high-quality assistant coaches, and the stats that state their cases.

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31 Oct 2008, 03:55pm by Doug Farrar

Inside the Numbers: Eagles at Seahawks

In this week's Seattle Times preview, it is revealed that the Seahawks are exactly who we think they are.

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31 Oct 2008, 11:26am by Bill Barnwell

Five Downs With DMN: Week 9

No trolling the readers this week, but my weekly talk with Tim MacMahon looks at Brooks Bollinger, Martellus Bennett, and what Giants should concern the Cowboys.

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24 Oct 2008, 08:13pm by Bill Barnwell

Houston Chronicle Interview

For those of you interested in a quick breakdown of the Texans, I did an interview with Stephanie Stradley, who writes for Fanhouse and does a blog for the Houston Chronicle on the Texans. Primarily, I spread the gospel of Fred Bennett.

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24 Oct 2008, 01:04pm by Bill Barnwell

Five Downs With DMN: Week 8

Me and Tim MacMahon of the Dallas Morning News (and now PFT!) are just having fun out there.

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