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20 Jun 2011, 12:46pm by Mike Tanier

Lockout Sure to Burn Blitzing, Complex Defenses

Part Two of my miniseries on the simplest and most complex systems in the NFL. Gauging defensive complexity is even harder than it was for offense, but this method provided some results that both meshed with common sense and provided a surprise or two.

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09 Jun 2011, 07:32am by Mike Tanier

NY Times: 24 Hours in New York Sports

This has nothing to do with football, but it covers just about every other sport you can think of. On Friday and Saturday, I will be running my own version of the New York Marathon. I will cover a Red Bulls soccer game, the Central Park mini-marathon, a Yankees-Indians game, the adidas Grand Prix track meet, the Belmont Stakes, and the New York Liberty WNBA home opener. This link to the Bats blog shows my teaser video. Check in on Saturday to chart my progress, and follow me @FO_MTanier to get regular updates on how lost and confused I am.

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02 Jun 2011, 03:54pm by Mike Tanier

Tricky Offenses Could Be Casualties of Lockout

Figuring out what makes a "complex" offense is impossible without knowing each team's terminology, playbook size, concepts, and so on. Still, we can make some good guesses using Game Charting. In this article, I come up with a Simplicity Score, which I think is a pretty good indicator of how complicated an offense really is, despite some obvious limitations.

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05 May 2011, 08:18am by Mike Tanier

Forget Cam -- NFC South Just Got Really Good

My post-draft take on the NFC South. I really like what the Falcons and Bucs did, and I am cool with what the Saints did.

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25 Apr 2011, 11:38am by Mike Tanier

NBC: Newton's Flaws Major Warning Sign

Mike Tanier analyzes the Auburn offense to point out why Cam Newton should scare the Carolina Panthers.

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03 Apr 2011, 09:12am by Mike Tanier

As Busy an N.F.L. Draft As One Can Possibly Imagine

More observational humor on the lunacy of this offseason.

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31 Jan 2011, 12:35pm by Mike Tanier

Football Outsiders Fifth Down Takeover

The Fifth Down blog at the New York Times will have a Walkthrough flavor all week long. In addition to regular features from the real reporters, I will be checking in several times per day with observations about the absurdity of Super Bowl coverage and ancillary topics. Make sure to keep checking back!

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27 Jan 2011, 04:33pm by Mike Tanier

Rodgers' NFL Passer Rating is Ridiculous

Not ridiculous as in "it is ridiculously good," although it is. More like ridiculous as in "it is ridiculous that we are judging modern-day quarterbacks using a passer rating from 1970."

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21 Jan 2011, 11:31am by Mike Tanier

NY Times: AFC Championship Preview

Must ... find ... something unique to say ... about ... these ... teams ...

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21 Jan 2011, 11:29am by Mike Tanier

NY Times: NFC Championship Preview

Lots of stuff about the 1921 Bears in this.

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