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15 Nov 2006, 11:46pm by Mike Tanier

Week 11 Rundown: Marty Schottenheimer, Hellblazer

This week: Football Outsiders annoys more people by picking the Chargers and Cowboys to beat the Broncos and Colts. Plus, we highlight some of the bad matchups this week: Adam Goldberg vs. Julius Peppers, the Giants and Falcons vs. the injury bug, and Jacksonville vs. gamblers who want to keep from going insane.

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13 Nov 2006, 08:35pm by Aaron Schatz

2006 Quick Reads: Week 10

Ocho-Cinco had the second-best receiver DPAR game ever. Carson Palmer had the best DPAR game of the week. Cincinnati lost maybe the most entertaining game ever. And the Saints-Steelers game provided a nice undercard.

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13 Nov 2006, 03:29am by Doug Farrar

Manic Monday: What Defines an Upset?

Sometimes, the upset you think you saw really isn't, especially if you supplement your knowledge of the standings with liberal doses of DVOA. While Houston's season sweep of the Jags seems to go against all conventional wisdom (including ours), Cleveland's win over the Falcons and Green Bay's leap over the Vikings shouldn't be as surprising as they may be to some.

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10 Nov 2006, 07:03pm by Aaron Schatz

FOX Blog Wrap-Up, November 4-10

Here's a catch-all thread for discussion of this week's posts on the Football Outsiders FOX blog. Covered this week: More explanation of DVOA for Philadelphia, pass interference and holding penalties, and whether or not certain teams play at the exact same level no matter the opponent.

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09 Nov 2006, 06:20pm by Michael David Smith

Time for Bill Cowher to Go

My column this week explains why I think Bill Cowher and the Steelers would be better off going their separate ways. Special thanks to our resident Steelers expert, Ryan Wilson, for helping me think through this piece, even though I don't think he agrees with it.

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09 Nov 2006, 02:05pm by Bill Barnwell

FO on BSMW: Watching Trees Decompose

This week, do Patriots defensive backs get injured more often than the norm? And, if you have some spare change this week and have enjoyed these columns throughout the season (and already have purchased the requisite six copies of Pro Football Prospectus 2006), please consider donating to the Boston Sports Media Watch fall fund drive; not only is BSMW one of the best sites on the Internet, but without it, you very well might not be reading Football Outsiders.

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09 Nov 2006, 02:03pm by Mike Tanier

Week 10 Rundown: Cotton Mather's Revenge

This week in the rundown: Cotton Mather, midi-chlorians, the Cliché-o-Matic, revenge of the A-Train, Raiders vs. Amalekites, the World's Largest Outdoor Fondue Party, and another reference to Heroes. Secret FO-Heroes connection: FO designer/tech guy Benjy Rose and Masi Oka (who plays Hiro) sang a capella together in college.

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06 Nov 2006, 06:24pm by Aaron Schatz

2006 Quick Reads: Week 9

Here's our weekly review of the best and worst individual performances according to Football Outsiders stats. Learn why Marvin Harrison was the man who beat the Patriots, how Tony Gonzalez is fighting off Father Time, and why Jake Plummer's struggles may not have been the problem we thought.

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06 Nov 2006, 04:22am by Doug Farrar

Manic Monday: Bottom Rung’s on Top

What a crazy Sunday. Several upsets set the tone, the next installment of football's version of the Ali-Frazier blood feud provided a finish that was thrilling for some, and very frustrating for others (including the guy who runs this site), the worst scoring defense in years gave up the fewest points, and the number of undefeated teams was cut in half by the league's biggest disappointment. To make matters more interesting, the officials had their worst day of the year, in a collective faceplant reminiscent of the 2005 postseason. How did it all happen?

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05 Nov 2006, 01:06am by Bill Barnwell

FO on BSMW: Me and the Backup QB

Me and Matt Cassel could become close friends cause we both never see the field and he wants to talk to me.
Jim Sorgi probably doesn't remember Roxy Music in '72, but this week's Boston Sports Media Watch feature takes a look at how rare it is for a backup QB like Cassel or Sorgi (Casorgi? Sorgisel? Thank god they're not getting married) to have to take the reins of their team over.

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