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26 Oct 2006, 03:59pm by Michael David Smith

NFL Discipline Misses the Mark

Should cheap shots and celebrations both result in 15-yard penalties? Should ill-fitting pants and punches to the groin both result in $5,000 fines? If you answered yes to those two questions, you're probably an NFL executive. If you answered no, you might agree with the points I make in this week's column.

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26 Oct 2006, 01:59pm by Bill Barnwell

FO on BSMW: Pass-Catching Backs

There's nothing wrong with having a bit of a man-crush on Larry Centers, right? This week's Football Outsiders feature on the Boston Sports Media Watch looks at Centers, Chester Taylor, and other running backs who lead their team in receptions.

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23 Oct 2006, 05:05pm by Aaron Schatz

2006 Quick Reads: Week 7

Here's our weekly look at the best and worst players according to our DPAR statistics. Joey Harrington, despite over 400 passing yards, is not at the top of the list. This week I also give Damon Huard his props, but preach caution regarding Michael Vick, Tony Gonzalez, and Leon Washington.

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23 Oct 2006, 03:31am by Doug Farrar

Manic Monday: Playing the Blame Game

The last two weeks of the NFL season have been unusually active in the category of blame transference. Four individuals, performing less impressively than expected, have chosen to publicly shift the responsibility for those performances elsewhere.

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21 Oct 2006, 08:15am by Michael David Smith

Rookie Salaries Don't Add Up

My column this week is about the ridiculous nature of rookie salaries in the NFL, where Alex Smith makes much more than Jake Delhomme, Ronnie Brown makes much more than Tiki Barber, Braylon Edwards makes much more than Steve Smith and A.J. Hawk makes much more than Lofa Tatupu.

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21 Oct 2006, 12:12am by Tim Gerheim

FO on Rotoworld: Week 7

Tim Gerheim is back with another slate of fantasy picks, trying to make up for last week's atrocious picks. But he's set himself up for failure again by picking against everybody's top overall draft pick.

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20 Oct 2006, 03:04pm by admin

FOX Blog Wrap-Up, October 14-20

Here's a catch-all thread for discussion of this week's posts on the Football Outsiders FOX blog, free from discussion of whether or not it is fair for us to be "Blog of the Day" or whatever. Covered this week: How bad Edgerrin James and Rex Grossman were compared to the worst games in DVOA/DPAR history, odds on where Jim Fassel will end up next season, charting notes on the Houston Texans, charting stats on Champ Bailey (Weeks 1-3), and the Al Saunders Shuffle in Washington.

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19 Oct 2006, 03:40pm by Mike Tanier

Week 7 Rundown: Escape from Indianapolis

This week in the rundown: The Colts run, the Redskins run, then the Colts run some more. Then the Redskins run some more too. Plus: The Patriots try to stay out of North Korea, and Marty Schottenheimer fights his inner nature and tries to play Interesting Ball.

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16 Oct 2006, 04:55pm by Aaron Schatz

2006 Quick Reads: Week 6

Our weekly roundup of Sunday performances according to FO stats addresses two running backs who defy father time, two Super Bowl quarterbacks getting their games into gear after some problems early in the season, and a lot of wide receivers having very good days.

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16 Oct 2006, 03:23am by Doug Farrar

Manic Monday: The Real Rookies of the Year

In which the Seahawks and Saints win last-second nail-biters, Ed Hochuli gets one right and Mike Carey probably doesn't, the Raiders hit a new high in low, that guy in Dallas finds his place, Kyle Boller and Philip Rivers live up to FO projections, and “Failure to Launch� develops an entirely new meaning.

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