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18 Jan 2006, 04:03pm by Mike Tanier

2006 Conference Championships Rundown

When it comes to this weekend's championship games, home is where the hair is. Or, in the case of Matt Hasselbeck, where the hair isn't. Mike Tanier's prediction? In the end, the two best offensive lines in football will face off in Super Bowl XL.

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16 Jan 2006, 05:17pm by Michael David Smith

FO on FOX: Great Playoff Upsets

Was Sunday's Pittsburgh win the greatest upset in the history of the NFL playoffs? Not even close. Here's a look at the top ten non-Super Bowl upsets, with the Indianapolis Colts on the other side of the upset at number one.

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16 Jan 2006, 05:12pm by Aaron Schatz

2005 Quick Reads: Week 19

Quick Reads from the divisional round, starring Steve Smith, who put up the best single-game receiving DPAR of the season. He even surpassed the top two receivers from the regular season, Steve Smith and Steve Smith.

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11 Jan 2006, 05:41pm by Mike Tanier

2006 Divisional Round Rundown

Whoo-hoo! Mike Tanier signs up for the nasty Patriot fans e-mail list by predicting "Broncos vs. Colts III: Revenge of the Deep Fried Secondary." Mike also picks one road upset: Carolina.

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10 Jan 2006, 04:02am by Tim Gerheim

Bush or Young?

FOX wanted an article on whether Houston should take Vince Young with the first overall pick. FO just happens to have a staffer who hails from Houston and is a Texans fan, and goes to The University of Texas and is a Longhorns fan.

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09 Jan 2006, 07:08pm by Aaron Schatz

2005 Quick Reads: Week 18

You thought the Quick Reads were over, but no!

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06 Jan 2006, 06:43pm by Aaron Schatz

FO Chat at Baseball Prospectus

Here's a link to today's chat at BaseballProspectus.com, discussing the playoffs, the strange 2005 divide between good teams and bad teams, the future of Joe Horn, and a fantasy sleeper for 2006 that you may have forgotten about.

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04 Jan 2006, 11:48pm by Mike Tanier

2006 Wild Card Weekend Rundown

In the Wild Card Weekend rundown: The Unknown Jacksonville Jaguars, cooking ideas for the Bengals, Tampa and Washington search for a second receiver, and the Giants and Panthers in "Battle of the Cutback Runners."

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02 Jan 2006, 07:51pm by Aaron Schatz

2005 Full-Season Quick Reads

This week's Quick Reads looks at the best and worst players for the year, not just for Week 17. That means that all the full-season individual stats pages are now online. Consider this an open thread to talk about not just the Quick Reads column but also all the DVOA and DPAR ratings for individual players in 2005.

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28 Dec 2005, 05:17pm by Mike Tanier

Week 17 Rundown

Football Outsiders celebrates Boxing Day a little late by switching around the rundown. Last shall be first and first shall be last, so we start off with Houston and San Francisco. We also introduce the Five Stages of Young Quarterback Rejection and pat ourselves on the back for predicting Tampa Bay would win the division. Well, we pat the computer on the back. Does the computer have a back?

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