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26 Dec 2005, 08:46pm by Aaron Schatz

2005 Quick Reads: Week 16

This week's Quick Reads features a look at DPAR's best running back seasons, many of which are going on now. Maybe Michael David Smith is right about Larry Johnson being an All-Pro. Also, for those of you who didn't tune in to the scintillating Vikings-Ravens tilt on Christmas night (what ever were you thinking?), you'll be shocked at the week's top quarterback. Loser Leagues wept the world over.

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22 Dec 2005, 01:49am by Mike Tanier

Week 16 Rundown

Seattle-Indy has lost its luster, we all remember what happened the last time Washington played the Giants the week after a blowout win, and we have good news for Atlanta: it will not be below freezing in Tampa Bay. All that plus the odds on where Norv Turner will be working in 2006 in this week's Mike Tanier Rundown.

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19 Dec 2005, 06:09pm by Aaron Schatz

2005 Quick Reads: Week 15

Every year, offensive numbers go down in the second half except, for some odd reason, in Week 15. That means lots of big performances to discuss in Quick Reads, plus one horrible, terrible performance by a quarterback who won the game anyway. Also this week: No more glory for Ryan Fitzpatrick, Peyton Manning has his first negative DPAR game in two years, and Quick Reads demands an appearance by Rusher McFumbles. We must have Rusher McFumbles on Monday Night Football! Let's start a petition.

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14 Dec 2005, 04:47pm by Mike Tanier

Week 15 Rundown

We look at this week's slate of games, featuring the Cowboys vs. trees, the Texans vs. the devil, and the Patriots vs. the Bucs for only the sixth time in NFL history.

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12 Dec 2005, 08:09pm by Aaron Schatz

2005 Quick Reads: Week 14

This week in Quick Reads, Peyton Manning ascends to his rightful place atop the quarterback rankings, Miami beats San Diego without a running game, and Kyle Brady tries to single-handedly lose to Indianapolis. Plus, Alex Smith compared to the first four starts of other quarterbacks drafted number one overall.

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08 Dec 2005, 12:59pm by Mike Tanier

Week 14 Rundown

In the latest FOXSports.com weekly rundown: An interview with Ben Roethlisberger's thumb, the secret to beating the Cowboys, and the Panthers meet the Bucs. You know what that means, don't you? LESBIAN CHEERLEADERS!

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05 Dec 2005, 05:40pm by Aaron Schatz

2005 Quick Reads: Week 13

Time for me to anger the Chicago fans. Inspired by reader Sean McCormick, take a visit to the wonderful world of the worst quarterbacks of the DPAR era. Kyle Orton, by the way, is not the least valuable quarterback of 2005. Plus all the quarterback DPAR ratings -- Charlie Frye second! -- along with the best and worst running backs and receivers for Week 13

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01 Dec 2005, 10:43am by Mike Tanier

Week 13 Rundown

Every game this week is a "must win." OK, not really, but there are some contests that will go a long way in determining who gets to play well into January. Falcons-Panthers, Broncos-Chiefs, and Bengals-Steelers are all big division games. The Eagles still aren't out of it, but they'll have to play the Seahawks. And the Texans-Ravens matchup could very easily be renamed the Leinart/Bush Bowl. All that's missing is cousin Eddie and his dickie.

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28 Nov 2005, 08:27pm by Aaron Schatz

2005 Quick Reads: Week 12

The best and worst players of the week in DPAR. This week's lesson: the importance of opponent strength. Seven quarterbacks threw for 290 yards or more, but four of those games came against pass defenses in the bottom five. Plus, is Kurt Warner proving everyone wrong?

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23 Nov 2005, 07:02pm by Mike Tanier

Week 12 Rundown

Yes, the Lions are part of our family on Turkey Day — lazy in-laws who never do the dishes or corral their children. The Cowboys invited better guests, as their game against the Broncos is one of the week's highlights. The Giants have protection issues, the Steelers have injury issues, and Trent Dilfer has a hissyfit in this week's rundown.

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