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21 Nov 2005, 04:51pm by Aaron Schatz

2005 Quick Reads: Week 11

Here's the latest edition of Quick Reads, featuring the best and worst DPAR ratings of the week. Somebody had the most valuable game of the season yesterday, but it wasn't Peyton Manning or Carson Palmer. It was Drew Brees. The Sage Rosenfels joke originally read "After watching this game, Reform Judaism reconsidering stance on patrilineal descent" but I decided that this was even more obscure than the Bobby Engram Scientology joke from a couple weeks back.

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16 Nov 2005, 09:31pm by Mike Tanier

Week 11 Rundown

We've discovered the one thing that will stop people from talking about T.O. for a while. That's right, one of us is officially going on record: The '72 Dolphins are popping the champagne Sunday night. Plus the usual look at the other games this week as well as the next cover of Celebrity Car magazine.

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15 Nov 2005, 07:26pm by Michael David Smith

FO Interviews Bill Romanowski

Here's my interview with Bill Romanowski, the NFL bad boy turned author. I asked him about THG, concussions, J.J. Stokes, Sheryl Swoopes, drinking urine, and the injuries he inflicted on Kerry Collins, Dave Meggett and Marcus Williams.

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14 Nov 2005, 08:56pm by Aaron Schatz

2005 Quick Reads: Week 10

Here are this week's Quick Reads, the top players according to DPAR and all the quarterbacks. Some surprising names on top of the list this week, in part because the best quarterback performances of Week 10 came against the league's worst pass defenses and thus were less impressive. Plus, find out which familiar name from the past matched Jake Plummer's magical trick of making interceptions disappear, and find out which running back projection from PFP 2005 was shockingly accurate.

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11 Nov 2005, 01:16pm by admin

NFL's Most Underpaid Players

From the people who brought you the NFL's most overpaid players (us) comes this list of the NFL's most underpaid players, written by Bill Moore. This sure looked a lot different when the rough draft was done two weeks ago, but then three players on the list signed extensions and are no longer underpaid. Numerous appearances here by members of the New England Patriots and Denver Broncos, although we're sad FOX edited out the New Orleans Saints of Baton Rouge joke.

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10 Nov 2005, 05:53pm by Mike Tanier

Week 10 Rundown

In this week's FOXSports.com rundown, Mike Tanier quotes Andre 3000, gets ready for Sunday's Navajo broadcast of the Raiders-Broncos game, and picks the Dolphins to upset the Patriots. Hmmm, in tomorrow's New York Sun your humble editor will point out that Miami's secondary is surprisingly mediocre this year and pick the Patriots. Outsider fight!

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08 Nov 2005, 07:13pm by Aaron Schatz

FO Chat at Baseball Prospectus

Here's an archive of today's FO chat at BaseballProspectus.com -- thanks to those guys, as always, for loaning me the space. Today's chat discussed LaDainian Tomlinson, football in Los Angeles, the future of Curtis Martin and Priest Holmes, statistical analysis of college football, and criticisms of our fantasy football projections.

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07 Nov 2005, 04:47pm by Aaron Schatz

2005 Quick Reads: Week 9

Here's the latest Quick Reads at FOXSports.com with DPAR for all quarterbacks in Week 9 plus the top running backs and receivers. This week, find out why Eli Manning is having a historic season. Not historically great, just historically odd. Plus, I channel Trent Reznor and reveal how Atlanta can win the Super Bowl.

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02 Nov 2005, 06:01pm by Mike Tanier

Week 9 Rundown

Here's the FO rundown on this weekend's games over at FOXSports.com. This week, Mike covers the latest game in the Chiefs-Raiders rivalry, the battle of the bounce back between Washington and Philly, and some game in Massachusetts.

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31 Oct 2005, 07:34pm by Aaron Schatz

2005 Quick Reads: Week 8

Here's the latest edition of FOX Quick Reads: all the quarterbacks ranked by DPAR, along with the top running backs and wide receivers. Which of the 150-yard rushers tops this week's list? Actually, the answer is "none of them." Also this week: I quote Talmud, turn the Philadelphia Eagles fight song into the Cleveland Browns fight song, and officially kick off that great national debate, "Where will Aaron Brooks be a backup in 2006?"

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