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» 2018 Free Agency Cost-Benefit Analysis

Is Kirk Cousins the best free-agent quarterback in recent memory? Should Trumaine Johnson or Malcolm Butler have gotten the larger contract? And what makes a free-agent contract good or bad, anyway?

Loser League - My Team

2018 Cleveland Browns Head Coach Jeff Fisher


Aliso Viejo, CA

QB Jacoby BrissettIND   7
QB Blake BortlesJAC   21
RB James WhiteNE   22
RB Thomas RawlsSEA   15
RB Rob KelleyWAS   15
WR Taylor GabrielATL   16
WR Devin FunchessCAR   11
WR Donte MoncriefIND   15
K Mike NugentDAL   4
K Nick RoseWAS   -4