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» 2017 Adjusted Games Lost

Two NFC teams were hit hardest by injuries last year. One already set the AGL record in 2016, while the other has a coach with the worst AGL since 2002. Also: the Rams' incredible bill of health in L.A., and Tampa Bay's questionable injury reporting.

Loser League - Weekly Results

1Unnamed Team: 55920
3All Scrubs22
4Cat videos are more entertaining24
5Enraged Banana Slugs26
6Losing the Hard Way26
7Jaguars jokes are so last year27
9Ertz Donut28
10We stole JuJus bicycle29
11Billy B and the East Side Boyz29
12Headless Chickens29
13Once More into Infamy!29
14SHELDON Cooper woulda caught that31
16Paul DePodestatutes31
17Getting Off the Jets Plane32
18Desert Rats33
19Terry Bradshaw lawsuit over "TB12" brand33
20Batul ur fat33
22Genuine Extruded Football Product34
23Free Safety Dance34
25Fournette About It34
26Tecmo Turds35
27Younghoe NoMo37
28Team Ramrod37
29Bilal-tated Concerns37
30I Hate the Patriots37
31Make America Brate Again39
32Billy Goat40
33Affirmative Action40
34The Bears Still Suck40
36God Hates Jags41
38Katie Bar The End Zone!41
39Awful Waffles41
40Harvey Birdman42
41Sams team42
42SD Bruins42
43McAdoo About Nothing42
44London Wants Good Games42
45High volume low results43
46Botswana Zoes43
47 Williston weasels43
48Raider José44
49komodo dragons 44
50Share The Joeckel44
51Team Sacktuary45
52Rod Rust Roughriders45
532018 Cleveland Browns Head Coach Jeff Fisher45
54If you cant handle me at my Hundleyst you dont deserve me at my Rodgerst46
55Kew Pigeons46
56Gridsilk Club46
57Little Giants46
58LeVeon Bell Curves47
60The Bottom 1047
61Perfectly Cromulent48
62Spurgons Sturgeons 49
63Tate Misbehavin49
65Ban Thursdays49
66McAdoo about nothing50
67Kamar Achin’50
68Kizer Sozes50
69Beathard Gets Beat Hard51
71 Two gurleys one cup51
72Vacuum Cleaners52
73Purple Pulchritude52
7490 Proof Ham53
75doomsday def54
762nd Best Brett in Packer QB History54
77Mac A Doodle Doo54
78Hazy Eyes, Full Stomachs54
79Virginias McCasket55
80Hoyer for a fourth55
81Siemian Ancestry55
83Lud City Bumblers55
84Jaguars: Working without a Fournette56
86Im Billish on the Bills56
87Macho Madness56
88Leroy Hoard56
90Inside out the Upside Down 58
91Human Fund58
92Seattle Missed59
94Left Tackle Turnstile Blues59
95Vacuum Fleener59
96Advanced Cutlery60
98Team Names are Optional61
99Blood Death and Destruction61
100Repo Patrol62
101well, hundley62
102Thomas Chiu62
103I wish62
105Is Groot an Ent?63
106Cleveland Callups63
107Ball Kinda Hard65
108The Savage Flacco65
109Points are for Losers66
110The Kizer Chiefs66
111Failball Browns68
113Borussia Prenzelberg69
114Cant See DeForest For DeTrees70
115I Pity The Koo70
116The Lone Gunslinger71
117Plucky Banjofish72
118Losing goodly72
120Holding Out for a Flacco73
121Bart's Loser League Team75
122A Man Called Horst Mulhmann76
124Lake Toews84