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15 Jan 2010

NY Times: Divisional Round Matchups

This week, Mike Tanier looks at the matchup of the Kurt Warner Show against Sean Payton's quantum calculus of formations, as well as the generational disconnect caused in Baltimore by a Ravens-Colts playoff game. The Saturday previews are linked above, the Sunday previews are here.

Posted by: Mike Tanier on 15 Jan 2010

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by Eddo :: Fri, 01/15/2010 - 4:31pm

"Adrian Peterson is the best all-around running back in the league..."

Is he? Didn't a different running back just break the single-season yards-from-scrimmage record?

EDIT: The above is from the Sunday previews, which are now up.

by peterplaysbass (verified?) (not verified) :: Fri, 01/15/2010 - 5:12pm

So if a guy gets more yards than everyone else, he's the best "all-around" ?

I think they name AP because he can catch passes and pass block, too.

by Nathan :: Fri, 01/15/2010 - 5:33pm

...Chris Johnson caught 50 passes this year for over 500 yards (more than Peterson). He led his team in receptions.

They're saying "all around" because A.D. can run with power and with speed.

by Eddo :: Fri, 01/15/2010 - 6:23pm

Chris Johnson catches more passes for more yards than Peterson. He also fumbles less.

And the biggest knock against Peterson, besides the fumbles, is that he comes off the field on passing downs because he's a poor pass blocker (though he improved a bit this year).

I stand by my statement; Peterson is the best runner in the league, not the best all-around back (which, talent-wise, might be Ronnie Brown).

by jimmy oz (not verified) :: Sat, 01/16/2010 - 9:19am

Peterson wants it more?

by The Powers That Be :: Fri, 01/15/2010 - 4:51pm

"Cowboys on Offense": Entirely about the Vikings defense (8 Vikings players mentioned, 1 Cowboys player).
"Vikings on Offense": Entirely about the Vikings offense (4 Vikings players mentioned, 1 Cowboys player).
Well, at least you're consistent.

by vinyltoupee (not verified) :: Fri, 01/15/2010 - 4:55pm

Dude, this is Mike "Eagles" Tanier. His Dallas Cowboy hatred is ingrained.

by lester bangs (not verified) :: Fri, 01/15/2010 - 5:57pm

These are better than the FO previews. And there's a pick at the end! Thanks Mike.

by webthesurfi rugs webdesign (not verified) :: Wed, 03/17/2010 - 12:33am

I still insist that Peterson is the best runner in the league, not the best all-around back which might be Ronnie Brown.

by used stationary bikes (not verified) :: Thu, 07/29/2010 - 7:11am

Darren Sproles averages 24.1 yards per kickoff return and has a 66-yard touchdown on a punt return. Nate Kaeding hasn’t missed a field goal shorter than 40 yards this season and is 3 of 4 beyond 50 yards.

by Lewisville Auto Glass (not verified) :: Mon, 02/07/2011 - 6:04pm

A.D All day, Peterson best right now.