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07 Oct 2011

Week 5 N.F.L. Matchups

Hey, you guys are right: the Chargers logo is bigger than all of the others! How long has this been going on? (I usually do not read the capsules on site, because I know pretty much what they say). Maybe the big logo makes up for the tiny Hello Kitty Smart Car you can find in the Raiders comment.

Posted by: Mike Tanier on 07 Oct 2011

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by Sergio :: Fri, 10/07/2011 - 1:28pm

Regarding the Raiders comments, the Chargers' DT is Antonio Garay, not Galay.

Like Enrique Garay, the absolute worst football commentator (works for TV Azteca, in Mexico).

-- Go Phins!

by alexcaster (not verified) :: Fri, 10/07/2011 - 4:41pm

it's the worst in the entire world dude, i think seriously he's not even a football fan....

by Jim C. (not verified) :: Fri, 10/07/2011 - 5:12pm

This appears to have been fixed (the spelling, that is, not EG's commmentary).

by justanothersteve :: Fri, 10/07/2011 - 9:17pm

Don't know about you all, but I'm somewhat creeped out by the idea of seeing an NFL DT driving down I-5 in a Hello Kitty Smart Car.

by BigCheese :: Tue, 10/11/2011 - 12:22am

Garay certainly has competition for that spot... mostly right there in TV Azteca... but Raul Alegre, Alvaro Martin and John Sutcliffe aren't that far behind... and of course, there's always Phil Simms...

- Alvaro

Phil Simms is to analysts what Ryan Leaf is to NFL QBs

by mansteel (not verified) :: Fri, 10/07/2011 - 1:57pm

From now on, I'm going to hear all smack talk as seagulls squawking. As such, my reaction will be a bemused smile rather than my presently customary eye-rolling. It'll do wonders for my blood pressure. Thanks, Mike.

by Kal :: Fri, 10/07/2011 - 2:47pm


Mine mine mine?

Mine? mine? Minemineminemine?

by nat :: Fri, 10/07/2011 - 9:19pm

You stupid bunnies! You got no mates! Vere are mates? VERE ARE CHICKS?

by 0tarin :: Fri, 10/07/2011 - 2:02pm

The Charger's logo has been supersized as long as I've been reading the columns, so at least two years or so. Maybe three. I just assumed it was a subconscious preference of Tanier's; a closet SD fan, if you will.

by ppabich :: Sat, 10/08/2011 - 1:06am

It's the old Chargers logo as well. Whenever there are images of helmets or logos in columns I always check to see that they are all up to date. It is a MAJOR pet peeve of mine when they're wrong.

by BaronFoobarstein :: Fri, 10/07/2011 - 3:14pm

The Pigburgh Squealers are favored only because most bettors are dumber than Plaxico Burress. The game wont even be close. Look for Chris Johnson to shatter both the Stealers offensive line and Adrian Peterson's record on the way to a 4 TD 350 yard effort. Tennessee could start JaMarcuss Russel and smash this pathetic senile curtain defense. The route is on. 56-3 Titans over Tinmen. Pukeburgh is in rebuilding mode, but don't expect to see anything from them this decade. Harrison's done. Polamalu's done and was never any good to begin with. Hare is not talent! Recklessburger will play another five seasons, but he'll be the second coming of Tommy Maddox. They're irrelevant now, and their only decent player, Mike Wallace, is getting out of town as soon as he can. The Patriots, 49ers, and Cowboys are all going to pass the 7 ring mark before they even sniff the playoffs again. Prepare for a 2-14 record, and good luck with Luck.

by Keith(1) (not verified) :: Fri, 10/07/2011 - 4:04pm

I followed the first sentence. After that, it was the sort of stream of consciousness channeled straight from RickD into RaiderJoe, multiplied by a literal WTF?

by Mr Shush :: Fri, 10/07/2011 - 5:44pm

I'm pretty sure Intropy is an intelligent and eloquent Steelers fan attempting a reverse jinx . . .

by BaronFoobarstein :: Fri, 10/07/2011 - 8:07pm

You got one out of three; I'm attempting a reverse jinx. The other game I wrote something similar was against Seattle, so clearly the technique works.

by injun9 (not verified) :: Sat, 10/08/2011 - 8:44am

Nice job, but you need to throw in a few seemingly unintentional misspellings to fully execute the jinx. For example, using "they're" and "their" correctly in the same sentence completely nullifies the hex. BTW, I could care less about either team, so look at this as unbiased advice...

by Andrew Potter :: Sat, 10/08/2011 - 5:00pm

Nice job, but you need to throw in a few seemingly unintentional misspellings to fully execute the jinx.

Read it carefully. They're in there.

by BigWoody (not verified) :: Fri, 10/07/2011 - 4:08pm

Nope! Matt Hasselbeck is going to beat the Steelers 21-10.

by Jerry :: Fri, 10/07/2011 - 6:19pm

What you're parodying is why I rarely read non-FO comments sections.

Bonus useless fact: "Brynn Williams, niece of Mike and Kiya Tomlin, will sing the
National Anthem."

by ebongreen (not verified) :: Fri, 10/07/2011 - 3:21pm

Cards-Vikings = comic genius. Thanks for a hearty laugh on Friday afternoon.

by MJK :: Fri, 10/07/2011 - 6:56pm

I read that as "Cards MINUS Vikings" and my immediate thought was that

Cards - Vikings = a team that does terrible in the first half and plays amazing in the seconds = Buffalo Bills.

by LionInAZ (not verified) :: Sat, 10/08/2011 - 1:28am

Or the Detroit Lions

by DisplacedPackerFan :: Fri, 10/07/2011 - 3:45pm

Brett is only surprised it took Rodger's so long to get his first ring because he knows that if he hadn't thrown a pick six in overtime in the NFC Championship game that Rodgers may have gotten his first ring in his 3rd year as a pro, not his 3rd year as a starter.

by justanothersteve :: Fri, 10/07/2011 - 9:14pm

I'm not sure if Tanier is being his typical brilliant satiric self or we finally have a BF explanation that makes sense when he stated BF is unable to compliment anyone but himself.

by nuclearbdgr :: Fri, 10/07/2011 - 10:38pm

Favre didn't throw a pick six in the NFCCG OT - NYG kicked a 41ish yard field goal to win; IIRC it was the first time an opponent had made a 40+ yard field goal at Lambeau in playoff history.

by tuluse :: Fri, 10/07/2011 - 11:10pm

That seems unlikely, maybe for a game winner?

by bravehoptoad :: Fri, 10/07/2011 - 4:38pm

If the 49ers had their nose tackle, I'd feel great about them against the Bucs. The things the Bucs do well are exactly the things we defend well.

But Soapoaga is out with staph, and little energizer-bunny Ricky Jean Francois is in there instead (little...nose-tackle little, 310 pounds, heh).

And every fan in SF is wondering if the offense finally got a few things figured out, or if they only looked like they did because they were playing the league's #32 defense.

by Dr. Mooch :: Fri, 10/07/2011 - 6:48pm

Peyton Manning joining The Office is a really good idea.

by lester bangs (not verified) :: Fri, 10/07/2011 - 7:18pm

This is outstanding:

"Todd Haley is a longtime proponent of the “succeed despite me” school of management."

by Tjfvidk (not verified) :: Sun, 10/09/2011 - 12:57am

Right, because the Chiefs are so talented that they can win despite bad coaching.

by Raiderjoe :: Sat, 10/08/2011 - 7:56am

Titans 23-16
Giants 24-6
Eafgles 30.24
Bengals 20-13
Raiders 27-17
Patriots 41-17

Other pocks layer

by Buffalo Dave (not verified) :: Sun, 10/09/2011 - 5:28pm

It should be clear by now, The Eafgles sufck.

by istudioz0 (not verified) :: Thu, 09/06/2012 - 2:16pm

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