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» Defense and Rest Time

Do defenses really wear out over the course of a game? Do defenses benefit from long drives that give them more time to rest on the sideline? Guest columnist Ben Baldwin investigates.

Open 2005 NFL Draft Discussion Thread


This thread is an open forum to discuss NFL draft prospects and what you think your team should do in the draft. Rather than staying at the top of the Ramblings, at some point in the near future it will be linked to a green button in the center of the page (stay tuned!). As far as actual draft-related articles, we are exploring different possibilities for draft coverage this year. Some elements of the draft will be covered in future editions of our new Four Downs offseason feature that covers each NFL team on a monthly basis. We also encourage everyone to read and comment on specific draft-related articles that may be posted in the Extra Points weblog of football articles from around the Web.


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