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21 Nov 2017, 01:20pm by Aaron Schatz

New York Jets: Culture of Celebrated Mediocrity

Good article here by Jets blogger Joe Caporoso pointing out how badly the Jets have built their roster. Essentially, the Jets have spent the most money on the least important positions. They have gone cheap at quarterback, edge rusher, cornerback, and left tackle. They pay heavy for 3-4 defensive linemen, safeties, and guards. Combine that with a history of celebrating non-playoff seasons as moral victories, and you end up with a team that seems like it will go 6-10 until the end of time.

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20 Nov 2017, 03:31pm by Andrew Potter

Injury Aftermath: Week 11

Four further players fall to injured reserve after Sunday's games, including important contributors for the Browns, Redskins, and Saints.

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20 Nov 2017, 01:43pm by Tom Gower

Broncos Fire OC Mike McCoy

This morning the Denver Broncos announced they had fired offensive coordinator Mike McCoy, and he will be replaced by quarterbacks coach Bill Musgrave. McCoy was hired this offseason by new head coach Vance Joseph, and found generation offense much more difficult with Trevor Siemian and Brock Osweiler than it had been with Peyton Manning in his previous tenure with the team. The Broncos ranked 25th in offensive DVOA before yesterday's 20-17 loss to the Bengals after ranking 28th in offensive DVOA last year.

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20 Nov 2017, 08:24am by Mike Tanier

Monday Morning Digest: The Browns May Go 0-16. Is That a Good Thing?

I am not a traitor to the analytics cause.
I am a Defender of the Faith.
I am the Martin Luther of Moneyball.

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17 Nov 2017, 01:50pm by Scott Kacsmar

FiveThirtyEight: Terrible Year for Quarterback Injuries

For FiveThirtyEight, I took a look at what has been a brutal season of quarterback injuries in the NFL. Beyond stars such as Aaron Rodgers and Andrew Luck, we've lost an extremely promising rookie (Deshaun Watson), a former No. 1 overall pick who may have been ready to peak (Sam Bradford), and a veteran on his last legs (Carson Palmer). We looked at adjusted games lost for quarterbacks since 2000 and adjusted the numbers by passing DVOA to get a sense of the quality of quarterbacks lost to injury. 2017 hasn't been the worst season on record, but it's sure getting there, and hopefully we won't have to add much to the injury database the rest of the year.

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15 Nov 2017, 12:09pm by Aaron Schatz

Bills Bench Taylor, Start Peterman

I don't even know where to start with this decision. I don't know why the Bills have been so intent on getting rid of Tyrod Taylor, but the time to do it is the offseason not the midseason. The guy is the most underrated quarterback in the game, he's been average this season according to DVOA, and you're going to bench him for a fifth-round rookie? A lot of Bills fans complain that the problem is too many third-down checkdowns to Mike Tolbert. Well, Taylor's ALEX on third down was 4.0 in 2015, 2.6 in 2016, and then 0.1 this year. Maybe the checkdown problem isn't about Taylor himself.

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13 Nov 2017, 03:59pm by Andrew Potter

Injury Aftermath: Week 10

Thursday Night Football puts four players out for the year, and puts Gabbert Watch back on Vince Verhei's radar. Four other players will miss substantial time as a result of Sunday's games.

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13 Nov 2017, 11:29am by Mike Tanier

Monday Morning Digest: Cowboys in Crisis Mode, Patriots in Peak Form

In this week's Digest ...

  • The Patriots give Tom Brady a special teams boost.
  • The Saints treat the Bills the way a garbage disposal treats a moldy meatball.
  • The Jaguars try to cough up a big game in the fourth quarter but cannot out-choke the Chargers.
  • The Steelers limbo even lower than usual to play down to another opponent.
  • Another fluky touchback robs the Bears and the NFL of a little bit more fun and fairness.
  • Strip-Sack Savage rides again for the Texans
  • ...and much more.

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12 Nov 2017, 04:58pm by Aaron Schatz

The Kids Are Alright

Good post here on the Eagles blog "McNabb or Kolb," showing that quarterback performance in the second year seems to predict a player's career a lot better than performance as a rookie. That's very good news for fans of Carson Wentz or Jared Goff.

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09 Nov 2017, 04:52pm by Aaron Schatz

Ezekiel Elliott Suspension is ON, Again

A three-judge panel from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit denied Ezekiel Elliott‘s motion for an injunction blocking his suspension. It will start this Sunday against Atlanta, going through Week 15. Probably. This thing has changed so many times, I have whiplash.

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