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19 Feb 2007, 06:12pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Bears Won't Renew Rivera's Contract

From Jay Glazer: "FOXSports.com has learned that Chicago has decided to not renew the contract of defensive coordinator Ron Rivera. Team sources say that Smith and Rivera met recently and agreed to allow Rivera to pursue other opportunities. The sources also contend that Smith will likely end up promoting Bob Babich from linebackers coach to defensive coordinator." So what does Rivera do now?

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19 Feb 2007, 05:16pm by Aaron Schatz

NCAA Considers Rule Rollback

Hey, remember those new NCAA rules that Russell Levine wrote lots of mean things about? Where after a change of possession, the clock re-started when the ball was set, not when the offense took its first snap -- which allowed teams to run out the clock without running any plays? Turns out that might be a one-year aberration.

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19 Feb 2007, 01:21pm by Bill Barnwell

Norv Turner To Coach Chargers

The Most Terrifying Man in Football, FOX's Jay Glazer, is reporting that Norv Turner is going to be the next head coach of the San Diego Chargers. Ted Cottrell is being lined up to coordinate the defense.

I don't know if there is a Norv Turner penalty built into the Estimated Team Wins projections, but there probably should be.

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19 Feb 2007, 11:03am by Michael David Smith

MMQB: The Greatest Sacrifice

Peter King took a vacation to France, but he didn't take a vacation from Monday Morning Quarterback.

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19 Feb 2007, 01:30am by Mike Tanier

The Terrible Mr. Turner

Is masochism the only explanation for San Diego hiring Norv Turner? Mike Tanier explores. (Click link to read more.)

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17 Feb 2007, 09:57pm by Doug Farrar

Irvin Parts Ways With ESPN

Somehow, I think it might have been the other way around, but no matter.

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17 Feb 2007, 12:56am by Aaron Schatz

Samuel and Briggs Get Franchise Tags

Chicago put the franchise tag on Lance Briggs, New England on Asante Samuel. (The link goes to the Samuel article.) I think it's a good move for both teams, but do you want to know who really benefits from this move? Nate Clements. Let's talk about the law of supply and demand. Demand for a good cornerback who can play in man coverage: High. Supply of good cornerbacks who can play in man coverage: Nate Clements. You do the math. His agent sure has.

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16 Feb 2007, 03:35pm by Bill Barnwell

Bengals Franchise Justin Smith

The Bengals have placed the franchise tag on defensive end Justin Smith, guaranteeing him a salary of $8,644,000 for the 2007 season. Smith, 27, has never had fewer than 5 or more than 8.5 sacks in his six year-career. Playing RDE for the Bengals, teams were eighth at running to left end and seventeenth at running to left tackle opposite him.

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15 Feb 2007, 05:24pm by Bill Barnwell

Cowher Joins CBS as Studio Analyst

Bill Cowher will make CBS a five-person pregame show next season as he'll join CBS' "The NFL Today". Any guesses as to how he'll perform?

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15 Feb 2007, 03:52pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Consider Trading Him (Larry Johnson)

I can't believe I'm writing this, but Jason Whitlock makes a pretty convincing case for trading Larry Johnson (though he may be misjudging Johnson's trade value). And hey, he even cites something about running backs struggling after carrying the ball a bazillion times in a season. Where have we heard that before? (Free registration/bugmenot may be required)

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