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24 Jan 2007, 11:31am by P. Ryan Wilson

Fans Could Get Reason Not to Shout

From the Cleveland Plain Dealer: "The league is developing plans to put radios in the helmets of all offensive players, which would allow them to hear the quarterback's signals and line calls, essentially negating the advantage a home team's '12th man' provides." I haven't read this elsewhere, but it seems like a big deal. Commissioner Roger Goodell says he's not trying to take away the "12th man," but he wants "teams [to] perform at the highest possible level in a way that will allow ... fans to enjoy the experience as much as possible." Yeah, put me down for "No" on this one.

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24 Jan 2007, 10:53am by Aaron Schatz

Similarity scores for Rex Grossman

Which quarterback is most similar to Rex Grossman's roller coaster season? (Click link to read more.)

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24 Jan 2007, 02:54am by Aaron Schatz

Adventures of a fourth-round pick

Some draft picks bounce around from team to team more often than Chris Chandler. (Click link to read more.)

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23 Jan 2007, 03:57pm by Bill Barnwell

SB Matchup Points to Win for Market Bulls

Correlation is, apparently, always causation. Who knew?

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23 Jan 2007, 02:35pm by P. Ryan Wilson

TMQ: Enough Talk About Parity, Please

From Page 2: "After crunching the numbers and watching the playoffs, TMQ has a few words to people who still say parity is ruining the NFL."

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23 Jan 2007, 11:19am by P. Ryan Wilson

Decisions, Decisions

It's always fun to scrutinize and second-guess every decision a head coach makes during the course of a game, but this article makes the job sound, well, kinda complicated. You mean coaches just don't show up on Sunday, slap on a headset (or not, if you're Marty Schottenheimer) and start calling plays? What?

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23 Jan 2007, 10:59am by Aaron Schatz

FO Mailbag: Larry Johnson

Is Larry Johnson a fantasy keeper despite the curse of 370? Aaron Schatz weighs in.

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23 Jan 2007, 03:33am by Bill Barnwell

Kiffin named Raiders Head Coach

I've already put one XP up with the Raiders picking a head coach. I'm not doing three.

And poor Monte Kiffin!

And, actually, I wonder if the Raiders were insistent on getting a USC assistant by hook or crook. Maybe the towel guy would've got the job if enough people had turned it down.

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22 Jan 2007, 02:18pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Parcells Not Coming Back to Dallas

From the AP: "Bill Parcells retired from coaching Monday, leaving the Dallas Cowboys after four seasons and ending a stellar career that featured three Super Bowl appearances and two championships." Maybe Ron Rivera will get a head-coaching job this year after all.

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22 Jan 2007, 11:02am by P. Ryan Wilson

MMQB: Pulling for Peyton

My favorite quote from today's MMQB: "It finally happened. After a full season of traveling ... I finally got my little tube of toothpaste and my 99-cent can of shaving cream hijacked by Homeland Security." Oddly, King doesn't mention TSA also confiscated his Aquafina water bottle with the secret compartment. Oh, and he also writes about the weekend's championship games.

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