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21 Nov 2006, 01:26am by P. Ryan Wilson

Aaron Rodgers Out for the Season

Brett Favre cannot be stopped and anyone who gets in his way will be destroyed. Or something like that. Aaron Rodgers is done for the season with a broken foot and rookie Ingle Martin is now the backup.

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20 Nov 2006, 12:19pm by P. Ryan Wilson

MMQB: Out of Nowhere

Peter King on Week 11: "Weird stuff happens."

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20 Nov 2006, 11:21am by Aaron Schatz

FO Mailbag: More Charlie Frye

Is Charlie Frye really as bad as everyone say’s he is? Aaron Schatz uses similarity scores to find out if it is time for Cleveland to give up and find a new quarterback of the future.

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19 Nov 2006, 01:11pm by Russell Levine

Spurrier Could Be Next Miami Head Coach

This one is strictly a rumor at this point, but CSTV s reporting that Steve Spurrier will likely leave South Carolina to take the Miami (Fla.) job following the season. Miami would certainly be a far better platform than South Carolina for Spurrier to get back involved in the national-title race, but this move would still come as a major surprise.

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19 Nov 2006, 11:27am by Mike Tanier

Overheard at FO

Thoughts from the FO staff on this week in football. (Click link to read.)

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17 Nov 2006, 01:32pm by Russell Levine

Former Michigan Coach Bo Schembechler Dies at Age 77

Update: The Detroit News and other media outlets are now confirming that former Michigan coach Bo Schembechler has passed away. Schembechler was 77 and has had heart problems for 35 years, yet his passing on the eve of the biggest game in the history of the Ohio State-Michigan rivalry is still somehow chilling.

RIP, Bo. Enjoy the game from up above.

Not that it's typically needed on FO, but let's keep the comments classy, folks, and hope that this doesn't get shameless exploited for added ratings points tomorrow.

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17 Nov 2006, 11:36am by Aaron Schatz

Early game charting data on yards per pass vs. defensive backs

A sneak preview of the defensive back game charting statistics for 2006. (Click link to read more.)

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17 Nov 2006, 10:47am by P. Ryan Wilson

Unnecessary Roughness

Let's just say Dr. Z isn't crazy about how the league -- including officials during games -- metes out punishment. In particular, the Marlon McCree-on-T.J. Houshmanzilly hit during last Sunday's Chargers-Bengals game really got the good doctor riled up. I'm guessing Brooklyn Decker and that dopey "The Model vs. The Man" eases the pain, though.

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17 Nov 2006, 10:29am by P. Ryan Wilson

Faulty Backup Plans

Yahoo! Sports' Jason Cole says that "... the performance of most of the backup quarterbacks would indicate that it's going to be rough going forward" when talking about Jason Campbell. Maybe, but the difference is that now Campbell gets some experience. Cole also has some thoughts on Byron Leftwich, the Browns' management problems, a list of the best and worst owners in the league and reveals that at least one agent, prior to the draft, turned down an opportunity to represent Marques Colston. See, it wasn't just NFL teams that were wrong about Colston.

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16 Nov 2006, 12:48pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Ankle Injury Puts Leftwich's Season, Future in Question

Does anyone else think this seems fishy? And even if Byron Leftwich is only 85-90 percent, isn't that still better than a fully healthy David Garrard? Len Pasquarelli reports that some Jaguars officials don't believe Leftwich is the long-term answer, which might also explain the quarterback change.

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