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14 Nov 2006, 11:13am by P. Ryan Wilson

Shell May Give Nod to Brooks

After last Sunday's loss to the Broncos, Raiders quarterback Andrew Walter complained that Oakland's offense was too predictable (insert Tom Walsh bed and breakfast joke here). Well, head coach Art Shell doesn't take kindly to malcontents: "You have to be accountable for what you do ... [F]or him to come out and say those things, [that's] totally off-base as far as I'm concerned." So instead of punishing Walter, Shell will punish the entire Raiders fan base by starting Aaron Brooks. Yeah, that'll fix it.

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13 Nov 2006, 09:32pm by Mike Tanier

Overheard at FO

Highlights from this week’s Audibles at the Line. (Click link to read more.)

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13 Nov 2006, 09:23pm by Mike Tanier

Stop Motion Near-Touchdowns: Kiwanuka's Pick

Think having five defensive starters hurt is a problem? Not if you are Tim Lewis and the New York Giants. (Click link to read more.)

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13 Nov 2006, 07:18pm by Aaron Schatz

Jason Campbell to Start Sunday

Go back to your Pro Football Prospectus 2006. Read what David Lewin wrote about Philip Rivers. Be amazed at how accurate it was. Look at the projection for Jason Campbell. Note that no recent top QB prospect has both more college starts and a higher collegiate completion percentage than Campbell. Adjust expectations of possible late-season Washington upsets accordingly.

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13 Nov 2006, 01:22pm by Michael David Smith

MMQB: For the Love of the Game

Peter King opens this week's column with some thoughts about Rutgers before delving into his usual fare.

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13 Nov 2006, 12:24pm by P. Ryan Wilson

And the Nosedive Continues

There were a lot of weird games yesterday, but was any more surprising than the Chargers-Bengals? Not only did Cincinnati lose a 28-7 halftime lead, San Diego racked up 42 second-half points. Martyball is dead and the Bengals playoff hopes are on life support, but hey, at least Ocho Cinco's back. Chad Johnson had 11 receptions for 260 yards (260!) and two touchdowns.

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13 Nov 2006, 01:55am by Aaron Schatz

Orlando Pace Out for Year (and other Week 10 injuries)

Wow. What a week for injuries. Discuss here. Orlando Pace is done for the year after tearing a triceps. Clinton Portis broke his hand and will probably miss a couple weeks at least, maybe more. Tony Gonzalez is out 2-3 weeks with a shoulder injury. Luke Petitgout broke his leg. Troy Polamalu, Deshea Townsend, and Frank Gore all had concussions, and I assume T.J. Whosyourdaddy had one too after that Marlon McCree cheap shot.

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11 Nov 2006, 11:14pm by Aaron Schatz

FO in the NY Times: NFL Kickers Are Judged on the Wrong Criteria

The idea behind this column is simple: NFL kickers are more consistent kicking off than they are kicking field goals. But until I did the research for this article, I had no idea just how dramatic the difference really is.

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10 Nov 2006, 09:38pm by Aaron Schatz

FO Mailbag: Do some teams play the same no matter the opponent?

Aaron Schatz examines which teams are consistent, no matter who the opponent is. (Click link to read more.)

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10 Nov 2006, 12:05pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Failure to Launch

Dr. Z gives us his midseason All-Disappointment Team and frankly, I expected to see more Steelers on the roster. Small mercies.

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