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25 Sep 2006, 12:25pm by Michael David Smith

MMQB: Saints Marching Home

Peter King looks at the Saints' return to the Superdome. Aaron has mentioned this before, but it bears repeating: Why is the football media doing more Katrina coverage than the news media? I honestly think Peter King has written more words about the recovery of New Orleans than a lot of op-ed writers at major daily newspapers.

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25 Sep 2006, 11:45am by Doug Farrar

Thurman Arrested, Charged with Drunken Driving

Well, here isn't a surprise. Bengals linebacker Odell Thurman, already serving a four-game suspension for violating the NFL's substance abuse policy, was arrested Monday morning in Cincinnati after his SUV blew across a double-yellow lane near a sobriety checkpoint. Thurman subsequently registered over twice the legal limit on a blood alcohol test.

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25 Sep 2006, 10:14am by P. Ryan Wilson

Shockey Criticizes Coughlin After Giants' Loss

Thank goodness Jeremy Shockey is finally coming out of his shell. From the AP: "We got outplayed, and outcoached. Write that down," Shockey said. Asked what he meant by outcoached, Shockey said, "You saw the game."

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24 Sep 2006, 09:47pm by Bill Barnwell

Simms Has Spleen Removed After Game

Chris Simms, apparently, was rushed to the hospital after today's game with the Panthers and has, according to ESPN's Chris Mortensen, had his spleen removed after rupturing it.

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23 Sep 2006, 12:43pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Pac-10 to Stagger Ref Suspensions

From the AP: "The referee who was suspended after last week's controversial Oregon victory over Oklahoma will work the USC-Arizona game Saturday."

I understand the suspensions "must be staggered throughout the season so the conference has enough officials to cover all its games," but the great coincidence is that Arizona's head coach is Mike Stoops, younger brother of Oklahoma's Bob Stoops.

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23 Sep 2006, 11:04am by P. Ryan Wilson

Steelers' DBs Can't be Lost in Space vs. Bengals

If you watched the Steelers-Jaguars Monday night game you probably noticed Pittsburgh cornerbacks giving a big cushion to Jacksonville wideouts. Byron Leftwich noticed too because he completed 26 of 39 passes for 260 yards. This article in today's Pittsburgh Post-Gazette explains exactly why Steelers' cornerbacks play so far off the wide receivers. The two-word answer: Troy Polamalu.

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22 Sep 2006, 12:39pm by P. Ryan Wilson

How to Build a Running Game

New York Jets, you might want to listen up because Dr. Z has some advice on how to build a strong running game.

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22 Sep 2006, 12:28pm by Doug Farrar

The Commish's Big "To-Do"

Originally part of this week's "Manic Monday", this piece was split off because it didn't have a great deal to do with gameday. Published on Seahawks.NET as an overview of the issues I think Commissioner Goodell will find most pressing through the first few years of his tenure.

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22 Sep 2006, 11:06am by P. Ryan Wilson

Porter Upset by Dog Incident

I mean, what do you say when two dogs kill a horse? Sure, it was a miniature horse, but still. Joey Porter said he was upset by the incident, but probably not as upset as that poor little horse. The Steelers linebacker went on to say that for the safety of his neighbors -- and their horses, I suspect -- he'll ship the two dogs to a kennel in California. Sounds like a job for Cesar Millan.

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21 Sep 2006, 04:35pm by Aaron Schatz

No Maas!

Yes, this is a blog devoted entirely to chronicling everybody's least favorite FOX announcer. I supposed they could cross-promote with Fire Joe Morgan.

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