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Whiz Kid Among Cuts

If you ever wanted to know how not to make a football team, Onterrio Smith provides the blueprint: "Smith came to camp roughly 20 pounds overweight, sat out the pre-season opener with a foot injury and then managed just seven yards on two carries and fumbled in his lone game action... 'We just couldn't find a way to get him on the roster,' said Blue Bombers general manager Brendan Taman."

13 comments, Last at 12 Jun 2006, 6:04pm by Bobman

Bentley's Plan to Wear '00' gets 86'd by Raiders' Otto

Memo to Jim Otto: Dude, relax. (free registration/bugmenot required)

41 comments, Last at 14 Jun 2006, 2:01pm by dryheat

Team Salary Cap Pages

Hey, folks, a new little feature here at Football Outsiders. Reader Joseph Cortazzo compiled a list of all the websites devoted to tracking the salary cap status of specific teams. We've put them all on the links page, so you can check them out. If we missed one, please let us know. Also, if anyone is a fan of a team that's not on the list, and wants to do all the work required to keep one of these pages updated, we would be happy to host it here at FO.

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Volek Named Starter, Young Likely to Play

The Titans named Billy Volek the starter, which isn't at all surprising. But Jeff Fisher also says that Vince Young will get his chance to play this season too: "Let's face it. You're going to see [No.] 10 on the field this year... Where and when and how, I can't be specific, but you're going to see him on the field at some time." Fisher took the 'learn while holding the clipboard' approach with McNair, so the rush to get Young on the field seems curious. I wonder if this has anything to do with job security? Hmmm.

44 comments, Last at 14 Jun 2006, 11:04pm by Justin Zeth

First Time Was the Charm for Rookie LBs

Good story in the USA Today about Lofa Tatupu and Shawne Merriman, two rookie linebackers who played like grizzled All Pros last season. When the Seahawks drafted Tatupu in the second round, some people thought it was a reach. In the 2004 Eli Manning trade, the Giants sent the Chargers their 2005 first-round pick, and San Diego drafted Merriman. I think the Seahawks and Chargers are both pretty happy about how things worked out.

37 comments, Last at 10 Jun 2006, 5:55pm by paytonrules

Titans Trade McNair to Ravens

And everybody wins: the Ravens get McNair, the Titans get a fourth-round pick and FO gets it right in PFP06. In lieu of flowers, Kyle Boller will be accepting donations to his retirement fund, which he may have to dip into much sooner than he thought a few months ago.

63 comments, Last at 14 Jun 2006, 12:51am by Chris

What About These Guys?

Once again, it's time for the MMQB mailbag. Say what you want about Peter King and his Hall of Fame choices, but give the guy credit for his latest: "You may be interested to know that I am going to rethink my position on [Art] Monk this year ... A lot of people I respect tell me I'm dead wrong on Monk ... So I'll rethink my position and let you know what I come up with." Sounds like a start.

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Texans' Risk Should Reap Big Rewards

By most accounts, it sounds like the Texans got it right when they hired Rick Smith as their new GM. He's only 36 years old, but he comes highly recommended by his former boss Mike Shanahan. Current Texans head coach Gary Kubiak had this to say: "You will love this guy ... I've battled him, and he's battled me in a lot of situations and made me a better football coach. That's the way we're going to get where we all want to go as an organization."

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Saints Trade Sullivan to Pats

Well, Bethel Johnson doesn't have to worry about the Patriots cutting him in training camp. Now it's Sean Payton's decision.

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MMQB: Let Them In

Peter King names 10 jilted players who deserve to be in Hall of Fame. What's the over-under on how many comments we'll have in this thread before someone brings up Art Monk?

79 comments, Last at 17 Jun 2006, 12:14am by Justin Zeth