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28 Mar 2006, 09:35pm by P. Ryan Wilson

UVA Dismisses Three Players

We don't talk a lot about college football here, but this is worth mentioning. University of Virginia head coach Al Groh has dismissed three players from the team and LB Ahmad Brooks was one of them. Brooks at one time was considered the best linebacker in the country and after being named an All-American two seasons ago, he has since struggled with injuries and off-field issues. Brooks can either choose to transfer or make himself eligible for the supplemental draft.

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28 Mar 2006, 09:18pm by Michael David Smith

No Fun League?

We already have a thread about the other rules changes being discussed at the owners' meeting, but we haven't addressed the proposal to crack down on end zone celebrations. The link goes to an NFL.com column that says it's a good idea, but I give credit to NFL Network's Rich Eisen and Adam Schefter for saying on the air that they think it's silly for the league to be worried about such things. If you have NFL Network, be sure to watch today's Total Access.

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28 Mar 2006, 12:06am by P. Ryan Wilson

Compensatory Picks Announced

Despite Matthew Furtek's protests, the NFL today announced 32 compensatory picks have been awarded to 19 teams, and the New York Jets have the highest selection: a third rounder coming their way for the loss of LaMont Jordan. Yep, that LaMont Jordan.

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27 Mar 2006, 04:10pm by Russell Levine

NFL Announces Opening, Thanksgiving Games

As has become its custom in recent years, the NFL announces its national TV games for opening weekend, with Miami@Pittsburgh in the Thursday opener, the "Manning Bowl" on Sunday Night, and a Monday Night double-header, as well as the first-ever Thanksgiving triple-header.

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27 Mar 2006, 01:37pm by Michael David Smith

MMQB: Two More Playoff Teams?

Peter King examines the idea of adding two teams to the NFL playoffs. SI.com posts a photo of Mike Tice that appears to be taken from a fascist rally.

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27 Mar 2006, 10:36am by P. Ryan Wilson

The NFL Meetings: Rules & Proposals

The Boston Globe's Mike Reiss has a roundup of the rules changes and new proposals to be discussed at the owners' meetings (which start today), including the Kansas City Chiefs' pet project: expanding the playoff field. (free registration/bugmenot required)

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26 Mar 2006, 10:27pm by Aaron Schatz

Dolphins to Keep Linehan Offense

At the bottom of this typically zero-calorie "golly the local team is excited" article is a very interesting tidbit: "On offense, the scheme that Scott Linehan brought to the Dolphins has remained, even though the former offensive coordinator is now the Rams' head coach. New offensive coordinator Mike Mularkey will run that system, although it is new to him." I guess it's easier for one guy to learn a bunch of terminology instead of 30 guys, but this does sound a bit out of the ordinary.

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24 Mar 2006, 09:08pm by Michael David Smith

Seahawks to Vikings: Let's Get It On

Brad Childress: Bring it.

Mike Holmgren: Oh, it's already been broughten.

The Seattle Seahawks have signed Minnesota Vikings receiver Nate Burleson to a seven-year, $49 million offer sheet. Yes, those are the same numbers in the offer sheet the Vikings gave former Seahawks guard Steve Hutchinson. And it gets better: Remember the "poison pill" the Vikings put in Hutchinson's contract? The Seahawks have put quite an innovative "poison pill" in Burleson's contract. If he plays five games in the state of Minnesota this year, the entire contract becomes guaranteed.

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24 Mar 2006, 02:47pm by P. Ryan Wilson

What Went Wrong in Detroit?

I know we've talked this to death, but this article reads like an E! True Hollywood Story and provides an inside look at Joey Harrington's final days in Detroit (cue dramatic music and Robert Stack voice over).

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24 Mar 2006, 12:59am by Aaron Schatz

Panthers Land Keyshawn in $14 Million Deal

Now that, my friends, is a perfect fit. Team with best receiver in football, but terrible depth at the position, gets an excellent possession receiver who can catch tough passes across the middle and keep defenses from sticking five guys on Steve Smith. Keary Colbert, please enjoy this delicious consolation prize, a box of Rice o' Roni's new "Bench Splinters" flavor.

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