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11 Feb 2006, 07:19am by Michael David Smith

Raiders Name Art Shell Head Coach

Every NFL team now has a head coach as the Raiders have brought back Art Shell. I've always been puzzled why Shell never got another offer after the Raiders fired him last time. I'm glad to see him back.

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10 Feb 2006, 05:49pm by P. Ryan Wilson

In Electric Company

God I feel old. I got one of these contraptions for Christmas when I was like seven or eight, and I remember playing it for hours at a time. Mine was the Steelers vs. Rams from Super Bowl XIV, and I was neighborhood champ three years running. OK, that last part's not true, but I became very proficient and running the trap, although passing and kicking were near impossible. It's still in my parent's garage, and I threaten my wife that one of these days I'm going to bring it home and set it up next to the Atari 2600. Good times.

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10 Feb 2006, 05:16pm by Michael David Smith

Ward a Superstar in South Korea

In a country where most people have no idea what a touchdown is, Hines Ward, whose mother is Korean, is suddenly a star.

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10 Feb 2006, 12:04pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Chargers Make Contract Offer to Brees

No specifics on the numbers involved, but it's the initial offer, which probably means it's not the last. There's also an interesting little tidbit at the end of the article: "In addition to Brees' injury, the Chargers have leverage in backup Philip Rivers, who despite persistent rumors involving his being traded, will be a Charger in 2006."

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10 Feb 2006, 10:08am by Michael David Smith

Texans Pay Carr $8 Million

The Houston Texans will not be selecting a quarterback with the first pick in the draft after locking up David Carr.

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09 Feb 2006, 06:45pm by Michael David Smith

NBC Trades Oswald the Lucky Rabbit for Michaels

The one thing I couldn't figure out about the Michaels/Tirico/Kornheiser Monday Night Football switcheroo was why ESPN, which just signed Michaels to a long-term deal, would let him leave for NBC. Now we know. NBC traded rights to Ryder Cup matches, Olympics highlights, historic cartoon character Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and more to ESPN to get Michaels out of his contract.

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09 Feb 2006, 05:48pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Whisenhunt, Petrino Won't Coach for Raiders

Has a team ever started the regular season without a head coach?

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09 Feb 2006, 08:36am by Michael David Smith

Vick: I'm a Little Lost Right Now

Michael Vick says he played most of the season with a sprained right knee. He also says he doesn't know why the Falcons' passing game doesn't consist more of the short, slant patterns of most West Coast offenses.

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08 Feb 2006, 11:24pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Lions Hire Martz as Offensive Coordinator


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08 Feb 2006, 12:08pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Tirico, Theismann, Kornheiser to Call MNF

This should be interesting, but for sheer entertainment value, I'd prefer to see Tony Reali, Jason Whitlock and Skip Bayless doing these games.

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