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Is Kirk Cousins the best free-agent quarterback in recent memory? Should Trumaine Johnson or Malcolm Butler have gotten the larger contract? And what makes a free-agent contract good or bad, anyway?

03 Jan 2018

2018 Football Outsiders Playoff Challenge

Here is another fun game from Football Outsiders: The Football Outsiders Playoff Fantasy Challenge.

2018 Playoff Challenge Standings are now online!

Our game works under normal fantasy football rules, except for one thing: You are limited to one player from each of the 12 playoff teams. So you can't load up on one or two teams you think are a good bet to go all the way. And you DO have to pick someone from the Bills. And the Titans. You have 12 spots on your roster. Do you pick a stud from a fifth seed, like Cam Newton? Or do you try to hide teams you think will lose in the first round by picking tight ends off those rosters? And does anyone have the stones to pick Blake Bortles?

Your team gets points as each player progresses through the playoffs. Weekly totals don't matter; each player gets a total score for any games they play, whether it is one game or four. You may not replace any players due to injury, and all players will count toward your total. Unlike the Loser League, the highest scoring total wins.

Your roster will consist of:

  • 2 QB
  • 4 RB
  • 4 WR
  • 2 TE

The full scoring rules are as follows:


  • 4 pts passing TD
  • 6 pts rushing or receiving TD
  • 1 pt per 20 yds passing
  • 1 pt per 10 yds rushing or receiving
  • -2 per fumble lost or interception

The winner of the contest will receive a copy of the 2018 KUBIAK fantasy football projections. In case of a tie in final score, the tiebreakers will be:

  • 1) Most touchdowns
  • 2) Fewest turnovers
  • 3) Highest quarterback score
  • 4) If the tied winners picked the same roster and we have more than two winners, random lots.

Only one team per person, please. We'll update the full standings every week on the website and highlight some of the best performers each week in Scramble for the Ball.

Thanks to original Scramble for the Ball writer Ian Dembsky, who first hatched the idea for this competition.

Posted by: Dave Bernreuther on 03 Jan 2018