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14 Sep 2017, 06:20pm by Aaron Schatz

Off The Charts Podcast: September 14

This week on the Off The Charts podcast, we look at some charting stats from the Chiefs' big upset of the Patriots and play "jump to conclusions" about the Rams, Eagles, and other teams. We also wonder if Baker Mayfield might be a better NFL prospect than most people believe, and preview the most important game for our playoff odds: Tennessee at Jacksonville. (Click for audio link.)

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08 Sep 2017, 03:37pm by Aaron Schatz

Off The Charts Podcast: September 8

The Football Outsiders/Sports Info Solutions Off The Charts podcast has returned for the 2017 NFL season, with Aaron Schatz from FO and new co-host (and former Saints/Browns scout) Matt Manocherian from Sports Info Solutions. (Click for link.)

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05 Sep 2017, 11:59pm by Aaron Schatz

FO on Slate Hang Up and Listen

I made an appearance this week on the Slate Hang Up and Listen podcast with Josh Levin and Stefan Fatsis, talking about the new wave of tanking teams in the NFL. Is this going to work? Is it a problem for competitive balance if more and more teams do this? My portion of the podcast starts about 20 minutes in. Spencer Hall is also on, as well as Ed Cunningham, the announcer who quit ESPN because of ethical concerns about football and head trauma.

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23 Aug 2017, 01:06pm by Aaron Schatz

Aaron Schatz on The Football Analytics Show

It's another podcast appearance to promote the new Football Outsiders Almanac 2017! Here I talk to Dr. Ed Feng on his Football Analytics podcast. A lot of discussion here of how I got FO started, why passing is more important than rushing, and the teams we have higher and lower than conventional wisdom in 2017. (Wade Phillips plays a major role in both.)

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16 Aug 2017, 05:47pm by Vincent Verhei

FOA 2017 MEDIA: Locked on Jets

If you enjoyed my run on Locked on Seahawks last season, you should check out my recent appearance on Locked on Jets with John Butchko. We discuss the New York Jets chapter of Football Outsiders Almanac 2017, including thoughts on the team's weaknesses (many!) and strengths (more than you might think).

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16 Aug 2017, 05:42pm by Vincent Verhei

FOA 2017 MEDIA: AFC North with Bill Barnwell

I hooked up with FO alumnus Bill Barnwell on his ESPN podcast to discuss the Football Outsiders Almanac 2017 chapters of the AFC North. Find out just how good Pittsburgh can be this year; why we're lower on Baltimore and higher on Cincinnati than most; and just how bad the Browns were in 2016.

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11 Aug 2017, 10:31am by Aaron Schatz

Aaron Schatz on Sports-Casters Podcast

Hey kids, more podcasts! I talk to the Sports-Casters podcast here about Football Outsiders Almanac 2017, Cam Newton's performance, whether the Bills can ever make the playoffs, and why FO has not gone to a subscription content model. Sorry for the poor audio quality, I had to do the interview from the car because my schedule's been a bit packed this week.

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09 Aug 2017, 12:05pm by Aaron Schatz

Aaron Schatz on Down on the Bank Podcast

I did a nice podcast this week with Jaugars fans on the Down by the Bank podcast. It's a good listen for folks who want to know more about me and my thoughts on analytics past just Jacksonville. We talk about why I've opened up my Twitter feed (but not this website) to politics, civil rights issues in the NFL, the current status of analytics in the NFL, how I decide on who gets chapters in FO Almanac, and my past in Daytona Beach.

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01 Feb 2017, 07:07pm by Aaron Schatz

Off The Charts Podcast: Super Bowl LI

Here's our Super Bowl LI preview on the Off The Charts Podcast. We go very in-depth trying to figure out how the Atlanta defense has improved over the last few weeks, how the Falcons are likely to attack the Patriots defense, and how Tom Brady fares against different coverages. (Click to read more.)

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28 Jan 2017, 02:26pm by Aaron Schatz

FO on The Ringer NFL Show

Special podcast appearance here on The Ringer NFL Show, discussing the Super Bowl LI matchups with Robert Mays. Hear Greg Cosell give his breakdown as well! And of course, we'll have even more breakdown next week with our own Off The Charts Podcast.

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