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02 Jan 2017, 04:22pm by Aaron Schatz

Week 17 Quick Reads

The best passers, runners, and receivers of Week 17 include the best and worst games for running backs all season.

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26 Dec 2016, 11:10pm by Vincent Verhei

Week 16 Quick Reads

In our numbers, Matt Ryan has been the NFL's best passer this season -- but has he been the best at all distances? We check for the best (and worst) quarterbacks when it comes to dink-and-dunking, and when it comes to the long ball.

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Week 15 Quick Reads

Among the quarterbacks in our tables this week: Robert Griffin, Colin Kaepernick, Case Keenum, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Blake Bortles, Jared Goff, Bryce Petty, and Trevor Siemian. Are there really more bad quarterbacks in the league than there used to be?

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Week 14 Quick Reads

As Jeff Fisher's tenure with the Rams has mercifully ended, we look back at just how things in Los Angeles went so very, very wrong.

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Week 13 Quick Reads

Our Quick Reads essay this week includes discussion of the league's best punter. Somebody alert Rich Eisen.

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Week 12 Quick Reads

Dak Prescott is putting together one of the greatest rookie seasons we have ever seen. How many records can he break in the next five weeks?

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21 Nov 2016, 11:06pm by Bryan Knowles

Week 11 Quick Reads

Are kickers missing more often in 2016? Overall, no, but numbers on long kicks are way down across the league.

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Week 10 Quick Reads

The key to Seattle's defensive excellence this season? No team has been better this year at preventing explosive plays.

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Week 9 Quick Reads

Matt Ryan's big passing plays -- including those to a little-known tight end -- have been a big part of Atlanta's success this year.

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Week 8 Quick Reads

Is Blake Bortles' reputation as the king of garbage time really deserved? Yes. Yes, it is.

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