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16 Nov 2015, 10:40pm by Vincent Verhei

Week 10 Quick Reads

After four interceptions against Kansas City, it's time for the Denver Broncos to let Peyton Manning fade into the background.

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09 Nov 2015, 09:41pm by Vincent Verhei

Week 9 Quick Reads

Nick Foles was the worst quarterback of Week 9. That's not unusual by itself, but the circumstances of that worst-place finish are quite rare indeed.

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02 Nov 2015, 05:29pm by Vincent Verhei

Week 8 Quick Reads

Drew Brees had one of the top ten DYAR games of all time, and then lost it 24 hours later. Plus: quarterbacks running wild!

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26 Oct 2015, 10:01pm by Vincent Verhei

Week 7 Quick Reads

Ryan Tannehill threatened several records in Miami's big win over Houston -- but our advanced stats were underwhelmed.

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19 Oct 2015, 07:29pm by Vincent Verhei

Week 6 Quick Reads

Even in defeat, Philip Rivers was at his very best against Green Bay -- but as usual for Rivers, it seems like his best is never enough.

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12 Oct 2015, 09:10pm by Vincent Verhei

Week 5 Quick Reads

Is Peyton Manning's awful start in 2015 a bump in the road, or the beginning of the end?

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05 Oct 2015, 11:47pm by Vincent Verhei

Week 4 Quick Reads

Has Atlanta found the third part of its "triplets" in Devonta Freeman? And who are the top triplets of the DVOA era?

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28 Sep 2015, 10:59pm by Vincent Verhei

Week 3 Quick Reads

Can Colin Kaepernick rebound after hitting rock bottom?

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22 Sep 2015, 01:51am by Vincent Verhei

Week 2 Quick Reads

Last Sunday, DeMarco Murray and the Eagles took a big step forward in the art of taking many steps backwards.

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Week 1 Quick Reads

Marcus Mariota was the clear winner over Jameis Winston in the battle of rookie quarterbacks. But what does that say about the future of either player?

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