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30 Jul 2004

Great Googly Moogly

by Aaron Schatz

For no reason other than the fact that I'm in a bit of a goofy mood this morning, here is a look at some of the strangest search refers in the one year that we've run Football Outsiders.  These are all searches that not only caused Football Outsiders to come up on a search engine, but actually caused people to visit our page.

  • david carr as my starter in week 2
  • boston breakers usfl team management
  • mickeal vick that play on the atlanta falcons football team (as opposed to the other Mickeal Vicks)
  • bethel johnson worst pick ever (No, that was Tony Simmons)
  • group pictures of san diego chargers cheerleaders in 1965
  • photos of keenan mccardell house where he lives
  • drew bledsoe worst qb ever (This was you, Ian, wasn't it?)
  • hot nwe babes!
  • san dimas pop warner football (San Dimas Pop Warner Football RULES!)
  • what education do i need to become a professional cheerleader for a football team (Um, can you major in this?)
  • alligator arms
  • striptease classes in arizona
  • enormous college enormous mistake of the week (It is really, really enormous)
  • travis henry kelly holcomb xfl
  • edgerrin james crack (Yikes, and I thought Ricky's marijuana use was a problem)
  • clinton portis workout regimen
  • france pre-boarding security
  • rashaan sheehee (Are you sure you aren't looking for Rashaan Salaam?)
  • top rated restaraunts in suburban boston
  • how much is a mark rypien football card worth?
  • brett favre shirtless (NO.)
  • matt hasselbeck shirtless (NO.)
  • coach bill callahan shirtless (NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!!!!)
  • eric lindros shirtless (People, he isn't even a football player.  Knock it off already.)
  • roman gabriel throwback jersey
  • rashaan salaam (Are you sure you aren't looking for Rashaan Sheehee?)
  • where are nfl try outs being held for running back (The answer is "Miami")
  • what drives an athelete to use drugs (I'm sorry, there is a limit to the number of Ricky Williams jokes I can make on one page)
  • okay so oklahoma outscored texas a&m 77 points and outgained the aggies by 585 yards. the game was so one-sided the final should have read 77-00 (Yes, that is one whole search phrase)

Other than simply searches for "football outsiders" and similar phrases, the biggest subject driving traffic to Football Outsiders was our TMQ homage contest followed by the two weeks TMQ appeared on our site.  Our TMQ connection is also responsible for the variety of phrases related to "great googly moogly" that bring people to our site.

After that, you may be surprised to hear, comes searches for Maggie Haskins and other contestants on ESPN's Dream Job, thanks to Patrick Laverty's series of articles reviewing the show during the period between the Super Bowl and the draft when there wasn't much football to write about.  We also get a lot of searchers looking for information on that standard of junior high school literature, S.E. Hinton's The Outsiders.  And for some reason that I cannot figure out, we get a lot of visitors looking for information about Deanna Favre.  Huh?

Posted by: admin on 30 Jul 2004