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13 Sep 2005

FO Notes

Hi everyone. I've gotten a few emails asking what happened to Snap Judgment on ESPN, and whether I would be doing weekly DPAR listings for quarterbacks elsewhere. The answer is that yes, the plans are in place for me and the FO crew to do a lot of material, including some exciting new features. However, before that deal could be completed I was hit by an event of a personal nature which has made my ability to work very spotty for the last couple days and will make it non-existent for seven days in the near future. This means that there may not be DVOA ratings or Loser League results for a couple weeks, although if I can do those things today I will. It means that the mailbag with responses to questions about the DVOA projection methodology, along with some other things, will be indefinitely postponed (don't worry, wacky statistical theory freaks, Ben Alamar and I do have responses). It also means that email to me will be answered on an extremely irregular schedule, and that all issues related to the game charting project should be discussed with Bill Moore. The rest of the staff is working hard to keep the site going at full strength while I am indisposed. I ask for everyone's patience at this difficult time. Thanks.

-- Aaron Schatz

P.S. I request that folks not send me emails asking me what is happening, or offering their thoughts, not because it doesn't make me happy to know people care, but simply because my email box is overflowing as is and I need to prune unnecessary communications for a few days.

Oh, and extra thanks to Jeremiah Trotter for helping to make me look like an idiot.

Posted by: Aaron Schatz on 13 Sep 2005