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14 Aug 2007

Introducing FO Premium

Today, we are proud to announce the debut of our long-awaited Premium DVOA database. This database contains DVOA for every season from 1996-2006, including a variety of different splits that can be viewed in different ways and sorted at your leisure for research purposes or just for curiosity's sake.

Included in the database:

  • total DVOA, along with offense, defense, or special teams for any specific season since 1996
  • total DVOA, along with offense, defense, or special teams for one specific team in every season sine 1996
  • week-by-week DVOA for every team in each of the past 11 seasons
  • week-by-week DVOA showing the DVOA for every team in one specific week
  • DVOA by down, down and distance, or down and type of play (passing/rushing)
  • DVOA by area on field, with the red zone split into passing and rushing
  • DVOA by quarter or half
  • DVOA by home or away
  • DVOA when winning, losing, or tied
  • DVOA in-season trends, including weighted DVOA

After the second week of the upcoming season, the database will be updated each Tuesday afternoon with the most current data from 2007.

The cost is:

IMPORTANT: If you have already purchased the 2007 KUBIAK projections, you still get the $50 package deal. DO NOT buy premium access until you have downloaded the latest version of the KUBIAK spreadsheet and found the $10 off code on the top of the "Instructions" sheet.

Click here to see a free sample of the Premium database, featuring 2006 DVOA data. (This is the same data that was available on our site as the Premium database beta version.)

As of now, the DVOA database only contains splits of team DVOA data. All numbers currently represent the regular season only. In the future, we plan on adding individual offensive and defensive stats as well as postseason DVOA and team stats like Adjusted Line Yards and Adjusted Sack Rate.

We hope that our devoted fans will really enjoy the new premium database, and we look forward to expanding it. Please note that we have deliberately limited "FO Premium" to the DVOA database and the KUBIAK fantasy football projections. We have left all content free so that we can continue to draw more readers, and so that the more casual fan can still enjoy the analysis at Football Outsiders.

While we're announcing new things and doing some housekeeping, here are three more notes:

  • We want to remind all readers that the usual in-game discussion threads now live on the new FO message board. There were far fewer comments on this year's first week of preseason games compared to last year, and we would hate to have the new message board discouraging people from participating in these discussions. We know this requires registration, but having the threads on this separate board will help keep the website from crashing on Sunday afternoons. Also, please be aware that you should register before games start on a Sunday. Bill Barnwell, who handles the board registrations, won't be sitting by a computer waiting to moderate registrations in the middle of each week's action.
  • Beginning today, we're expanding our Extra Points blog to encompass more commentary by the FO staff, along the lines of our old FOXSports.com blog or Unfiltered over on Baseball Prospectus. We'll answer mailbag questions and post our thoughts that don't particularly fit into any of our regular weekly columns, plus we'll still have the discussion threads for articles around the Web that you are used to from Extra Points.
  • We introduced new writers for PFP 2008 a couple of weeks ago, but we have one more new staff member to introduce. With Tim Gerheim studying at a law school in Germany for the next few months, longtime reader (and veteran game charter) Vince Verhei will be taking over as assistant editor and grammar police. He'll also be participating in Audibles at the Line each week.

Posted by: admin on 14 Aug 2007