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07 Feb 2008, 02:17pm by Bill Barnwell

Scramble for the Ball: We're Going Back and Forth

Football Outsiders: We're not just analysts. We're also fans. Exhausted but happy, Bill Barnwell tries to explain the blissful joy of an improbable Super Bowl victory by his favorite 53.

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30 Jan 2008, 12:25pm by Bill Barnwell

The Fifth Annual Super Bowl Prop Bet Extravaganza!

It's back! And somehow, it's five! Our yearly look at prop bets makes it to Kindergarten with junior Outsiders Bill Barnwell and David Lewin prognosticating on 60 different Super Bowl prop bets.

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23 Jan 2008, 01:57pm by Bill Barnwell

Scramble for the Ball: Little Murders

It's the little battles that could add up to death for the Patriots or the Giants come next Sunday. Bill Barnwell takes a look at some of the individual one-on-one's that will determine things in Arizona. Well, unless Bea Arthur shows up.

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16 Jan 2008, 03:55pm by Bill Barnwell

Scramble for the Ball: 2007 All-KCW Team

Scramble returns with a look at the All-Keep Choppin' Wood team for the 2007 season. Which actual NFL Pro Bowler made the team, and what Game Charting hero will he play alongside? Plus ... Manwich.

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03 Jan 2008, 12:07pm by Bill Barnwell

Scramble for the Ball: Loser League/Playoff Draft 2007!

Scramble finishes out the year with a Loser League recap and the annual FO Playoff Draft. Best of the Rest teams in the comments!

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26 Dec 2007, 05:34pm by Bill Barnwell

Scramble for the Ball: Seventeen Again

Bill has nostalgia for an age yet to come, when his fantasy leagues stop playing their championships in Week 17. He looks back at some great performances from otherwise-forgotten folk in this week's Scramble. Plus: You know Warren Sapp can't help it, he just can't help it.

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19 Dec 2007, 03:38pm by Bill Barnwell

Scramble for the Ball: Hold It Now, Down It

Scramble can't do the Jerry Lewis, but it can apparently predict whether Brian Westbrook can stop at the one. Bill Barnwell revisits a column from last season and gives credit to the Loser League performance of the year, while Jason Beattie tries to solve the problem of Tony Romo's love life.

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12 Dec 2007, 04:48pm by Bill Barnwell

Scramble for the Ball: The House That Votes Built

Remember Roell Preston? John Henry Mills? Alex Bannister? Bill examines these and other perhaps not-so-great Pro Bowlers of the DVOA era in this week's Scramble, while our cartoon tries to help the last decent human being left on the Atlanta Falcons.

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05 Dec 2007, 04:35pm by Bill Barnwell

Scramble for the Ball: You're a Legend, Horace

Bill takes a look at the most legendary fantasy performances in playoff history for this week's Scramble, likely bringing up this year's only Horace Copeland reference on FO. Meanwhile, Jason Beattie explores the sad life of Dolphins players and fans.

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28 Nov 2007, 06:27pm by Bill Barnwell

Scramble for the Ball: Sloppy Seconds

This week, Bill Barnwell asks if we can learn anything from a game where punts don't even bounce on the turf, while Jason Beattie reviews other games played on in adverse conditions. Plus Best Bets, Loser League, and Keep Choppin' Cactus.

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