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28 Jan 2018, 05:57pm by Zach Binney

What Does 'Injury-Prone' Mean in the NFL?

Once a player misses time due to injury, what are the odds that injury will haunt him in years to come?

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10 Nov 2017, 02:50pm by Zach Binney

Do Thursday Games Cause More Injuries?

Richard Sherman's torn Achilles was just one of a long list of injuries to both teams in Thursday night's Seahawks-Cardinals game. Was this an anomaly, or are Thursday games more dangerous and likely to cause injuries?

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18 Oct 2017, 03:44pm by Zach Binney

The Truth Behind Rising Injury Rates

Zachary O. Binney tries to explain the rise in NFL injury rates over the past decade. Are players getting hurt more often? Or are teams doing a better job of diagnosing and reporting injuries?

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22 Sep 2017, 03:13pm by Zach Binney

Turf Type and NFL Injuries: Part II

In our second look at turf and injuries, we look at specific stadiums, with some surprising results. It turns out the turf in Washington isn't nearly as dangerous as you may have been led to believe.

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21 Sep 2017, 02:04pm by Scott Kacsmar

Clutch Field Goals: Are the Chargers Cursed?

The Chargers missed another clutch field goal. Are they the unluckiest team when it comes to such plays? Maybe not, but one franchise has clearly had the most good fortune in crunch time since 2002.

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13 Sep 2017, 08:25pm by Zach Binney

Turf Type and NFL Injuries: Part I

Is natural grass really the safest surface for NFL players? And are certain artificial turfs safer than others?

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28 Aug 2017, 03:08pm by Scott Kacsmar

What Keeps a Great QB Out of the Playoffs?

Behind Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers, the Patriots and Packers can tie the NFL record for consecutive postseasons with nine. What usually keeps a great quarterback out of the playoffs? Has the NFL made it easier for the best to keep making the tournament?

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22 Aug 2017, 11:57am by Vincent Verhei

2017 KUBIAK vs. ADP: The Underrated

Who are the players who have been going off the boards too late in fantasy drafts this summer? And why do so many of them play in Detroit?

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15 Aug 2017, 01:34am by Vincent Verhei

2017 KUBIAK vs. ADP: The Overrated

We're back again with our annual look at which players are going too high in fantasy drafts. The lesson this year: watch out for running backs who were not in the NFL last season.

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14 Aug 2017, 05:44pm by Scott Kacsmar

DVOA by Routes: Defenses

Our final part to the 2016 pass route study focuses on defenses. Which routes have the best trade-off between throwing touchdowns and limiting interceptions? We also offer some thoughts on the evolution and future of advanced stats analysis.

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