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07 Sep 2016

FO Premium Charting Data

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An FO Premium Charting Data subscription gives you access to weekly updated game charting statistics, powered by Sports Info Solutions.

Football Outsiders now updates some of our game charting metrics during the regular season, thanks to the game charters at Sports Info Solutions. For just $30, you can have access to these stats that go far beyond what is available from the standard play-by-play, updated each week by Wednesday evening with the previous weekend's games. This one-year subscription gives you access to regular-season numbers from 2015 through 2017.

Charting stats featured as part of this subscription include:

  • Broken Tackles by team, offense and defense.
  • Broken Tackles by player, offense and defense.
  • Defensive player pressures.
  • Pressure rate by team, offense and defense.
  • Play-action rate and performance by team, offense and defense.
  • Drop totals for receivers.
  • Cornerback charting metrics, including target totals, yards per pass allowed, YAC allowed, and success rate.

We will be adding additional stats for the 2017 regular season; the current plan is to add information on average depth of target for receivers as well as team data on pass-rushing and blitz frequency.

As of now, only regular-season stats will be included in this subscription. Cornerback charting metrics in this database are not currently adjusted for opponent.

Please note that this subscription is different from Standard FO Premium (DVOA database, weekly picks) and FO Weekly Fantasy Projections. For package deals that offer a discount for purchasing multiple products, please visit the front page of our store.

WORTH NOTING: If you pay by PayPal eCheck (as opposed to credit card or by direct transfer from PayPal funds), you may not be able to access your purchase for a few days. This is because PayPal takes a few days to verify funds (just like sending a real check), and is completely out of our control. Please take this fact into account before purchasing anything from Football Outsiders. PRETTY PLEASE. We have issues with this every year.

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Posted by: Aaron Schatz on 07 Sep 2016