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24 Oct 2003

A Message from Gregg Easterbrook re: TMQ

Hey folks!  Gregg Easterbrook thought the idea of our Homage to TMQ contest was hilarious.  He was nice enough to donate actual prizes, and he also wanted to post this message to all the football fans out there who want to know about the future of Tuesday Morning Quarterback.

Dear Friends of TMQ,

I made a serious mistake, and I deserved to be hammered. For the last 10 days I have been completely miserable, and in some sense a phase of misery was a fitting punishment for my carelessness. I screwed up so bad even the football gods were mad at me.

It's one thing to make controversial statements; another to slip into the language of stereotype, regardless of whether you intended to do so. There are good reasons why we all ought to be ever-more-careful to avoid stereotypes. Here's one reason: a better world will result.

Though I apologized and deserved to be criticized, I didn't think I deserved to be fired by ESPN. But then, I didn't think Emmitt Smith deserved to spend his final year with the Arizona Cardinals, either. Both things seem to have happened.

So you know, I loved everything about ESPN -- the place, and the people. I had a great time writing for them, and I think readers had a great time with the column. ESPN is a class outfit and the best in the business at sports presentation and coverage. I hope everyone who was a Tuesday Morning Quarterback fan will continue to watch ESPN, read ESPN.com and appreciate everything ESPN brings to the alternate universe of sports.

Now, about Tuesday Morning Quarterback.

TMQ may come back to life soon. Right now I feel too emotionally fragile to write much of anything; I don't even feel like gawking at a cheerleader calendar. But each day gets a little better, and I hope it's not too far off that I can once again obsess about NFL games and jump out of the chair hollering, "I can't believe they're blitzing!"

If TMQ comes back, I'm not sure where it will be, but there are already some talks with a couple of very prominent web sites. Soon, I hope, the football gods will give me a sign.

For the moment, while Tuesday Morning Quarterback is in exile, FootballOutsiders.com becomes the Official News Site of TMQ.

Check FootballOutsiders.com regularly, as any news about the return of TMQ will be posted here. I thank Aaron Schatz and the other Outsiders for offering this help.

Thousands of people have emailed asking where TMQ is -- you wouldn't believe the in-boxes at my many accounts -- and on a practical basis I can't answer so many messages. So just keep checking here, and tell friends who are interested to check here too. As soon as anything is definite, FootballOutsiders.com will have the news.

It's been a tough period, and I brought it on myself. The good will and good wishes of others are what's getting me through.


Gregg Easterbrook

PS: Ye gods! Almost forgot to mention: I'll be submitting an entry to the Homage to TMQ contest. What if I can't win my own contest?

Posted by: TMQ on 24 Oct 2003