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04 Nov 2003

Update from Gregg Easterbrook re: TMQ

Dear Friends of TMQ,

The current situation is that Tuesday Morning Quarterback is mulling several possibilities. And it looks like the football gods want me back. Latest sign from the football gods: not one, not two but almost 20 readers, including Jeannie Bennett and Noah Caplan, have sent me this Vince Lombardi quotation: "It's not how often you fall, it's how often you get back up."

Somehow, somewhere, Tuesday Morning Quarterback will return to the Web on November 11th. Keep checking Football Outsiders for more details.

In the meantime, I offer this haiku triptych:

TMQ awaits
his rehabilitation.
Tuesdays must be saved.

Football gods frowned on
me; soon, smile? They smiled on Bucs --
so all possible.

Ghost of Lombardi
watching me; don't want Vince mad!
I better get up.

Thanks to all for the many continued expressions of good will and support.


Gregg Easterbrook

P.S.: Dwight Freeney was single-handedly killing the Marine Mammals -- three sacks, two forced fumbles, numerous hurries and, just when Miami seemed poised to prevail, the game-icing play. So why didn't Dolphins' couches give Wade Smith some help? As Freeney practically beat the snap to Brian Griese over and over again, hapless rookie tackle Wade Smith was left on his own against one of the league's budding stars: no double-team help, not even a back chipping off. Smith had a cover-your-eyes game, but don't blame him for Miami's defeat. Blame the coaches who failed to notice the problem and get him help.

P.P.S.: In the offseason, Dobby the Elf (Steve Spurrier) waived power back Stephen Davis because Dobby wanted to pass more. On Sunday, Davis alone gained 153 yards rushing; all players in the Potomac Drainage Basin Indigenous Persons' passing attack combined to gain 124 yards.

So far this season, Davis personally has outrushed the entire Persons team: Davis 992 yards, Persons 793 yards. Davis's spectacular 5.1-yards-per-attempt running average is only fractionally lower than Dobby's awful 5.2-yards-per-attempt passing average. Imagine how much better the Persons aerial game would be if they had a runner to take the pressure off -- especially a runner who's just shy of a thousand-yard season after only eight games. Maybe, this offseason, Dobby and his evil master Lord Voldemort (Dan Synder) will go out in free agency and try to get somebody like Stephen Davis.

P.P.P.S.: Hey, this stuff is fun to write. Ye gods, I'd better get TMQ back into existence.

November 7 Update: Wake the neighbors, phone the kids.  The decision is near on TMQ's longer-term future, but this Tuesday, November 11, Tuesday Morning Quarterback will appear at Football Outsiders.  Probably sometime after noon.  This will be the first full TMQ since October 14.  We'll see you then.  And hey, TMQ fans, read here for an article analyzing an idea introduced in the last ESPN TMQ column, The Maroon Zone.

Posted by: TMQ on 04 Nov 2003