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The question is not whether Saquon Barkley is the best running back in this draft class. The question is whether any running back, even one as good as Barkley, warrants a top-five draft selection in the NFL in 2018.

Week 15 TMQ Discussion Thread

Hey everyone.  Even though Gregg Easterbrook has left us for the greener pastures of NFL.com, we know that the discussion threads we provided during his short stay at our site were very popular.  Therefore we're providing the "unofficial official" discussion thread of Tuesday Morning Quarterback each week.  This will be your place to discuss Gregg's column at NFL.com which you can find right here.

We've been very busy here at Football Outsiders this weekend.  We've moved Michael David Smith up from guest columnist to staff writer and he's had two columns, a controversial defense of Patriots punter Ken Walter and a discussion of why we shouldn't be surprised when Super Bowl teams fail to make the playoffs the following year.  We've also welcomed a new columnist, Russell Levine, whose Confessions of a Football Junkie column moves over from FootballNetwork.com this week.

As for me, I'll have VOA ratings up later today, including a series of notes on running backs.  I'll answer the question posed last week: Which was the better rushing day according to our stats, Jamal Lewis and his 295 yards or Clinton Portis and his five touchdowns?  Then later this week I hereby promise a mailbag of questions related to the website and our statistics.  I hope to answer some of my backed up emails then, and if you have a short question about the site or our stats this would be a good time to send it to aaron @ footballoutsiders.com.  I swear I have some emails up to a month old that I need to get answered, and I'll be able to answer them all -- if not this week, then during my company's Christmas hiatus.

Speaking of my company, make sure you check out the Lycos 50 Web's Most Wanted Top 100 of 2003.  Now, discuss TMQ!