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» Futures: Josh Rosen

UCLA's quarterback clearly has the talent to succeed as an NFL starter. The question is whether or not he can avoid enough mistakes to become a superstar.

Week 16 TMQ Discussion Thread

Hey everyone.  Even though Gregg Easterbrook has left us for the greener pastures of NFL.com, we know that the discussion threads we provided during his short stay at our site were very popular.  Therefore we're providing the "unofficial official" discussion thread of Tuesday Morning Quarterback each week.  This will be your place to discuss Gregg's column at NFL.com which you can find right here.

Here's a tentative schedule of what's going on at Football Outsiders for the next two weeks.  Later this week we'll have offensive and defensive line stats as well as stats for individual players updated.  Thursday is a new Scramble for the Ball.  I also promise to finally have the article explaining our method for special teams rankings by the end of this week.  Next week, Monday brings another Confessions of a Football Junkie as well as end of season VOA ratings.  Instead, there will be a playoff roundtable/playoff fantasy draft article on Tuesday and then, later in the week, previews of each of the Wild Card Weekend games, breaking down VOA trends to help you know what to watch for.

Here's a new cartoon from Jason Beattie.  Now, discuss TMQ!