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» Futures: Nick Chubb & Sony Michel

The Georgia Bullddogs' dynamic duo should be on NFL rosters at some point in the next 72 hours. Which will be the better pro? That depends on what kind of running back you're looking for.

TMQ Conference Championship Discussion Thread

Even though Gregg Easterbrook has left us for the greener pastures of NFL.com, we know that the discussion threads we provided during his short stay at our site were very popular.  Therefore we're providing the "unofficial official" discussion thread of Tuesday Morning Quarterback each week.  This will be your place to discuss Gregg's column at NFL.com, which you can find here (well, except for the section about our study of third-down conversions, which you probably want to discuss in that article, here).

Here's the update on the Football Outsiders fantasy playoff league:


  RUSS (3 left)  134 PAT (2 left) 112 AARON (5 left) 127
QB Manning, IND 65 McNair, TEN 19 Brady, NWE 14
RB M. Faulk, STL 18 George, TEN 12 A. Green, GNB 38
RB A. Smith, NWE 12 S. Davis, CAR 24 J. Lewis, BAL 3
WR T. Brown, NWE 1 Bruce, STL 11 Pinkston, PHI 15
WR J. Walker, GNB 15 Driver, GNB 8 S. Smith, CAR 41
WR Morton, KAN 1 Wayne, IND 24 Looker, STL 5
TE Franks, GNB 9 Wycheck, TEN 1 Sharpe, DEN 3
K M. Andersen, KAN 7 G. Anderson, TEN 12 Vinatieri, NWE 6
DEF Tennessee 6 St. Louis 1 New England 2
  MIKE (1 left) 107 JASON (6 left) 74 GEOFF (3 left) 136
QB Bulger, STL 13 McNabb, PHI 28 Favre, GNB 34
RB Holmes, KAN 30 Portis, DEN 7 James, IND 33
RB Buckhalter, PHI 1 Staley, PHI 12 Hambrick, DAL 2
WR Mason, TEN 17 Givens, NWE 2 Holt, STL 2
WR R. Smith, DEN 12 Lelie, DEN 0 Harrison, IND 34
WR D. Jackson, SEA 5 Branch, NWE 1 Kennison, KAN 5
TE Heap, BAL 14 Gonzalez, KAN 5 Fauria, NWE 4
K Wilkins, STL 18 Akers, PHI 8 Longwell, GNB 14
DEF Dallas -3 Carolina 11 Baltimore 8

We also present the latest cartoon from our man Jason Beattie..