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» The Deep Ball Project

Guest columnist John Kinsley breaks down the tape of every deep pass in the NFL in 2017 and comes away with a shocking conclusion: even without Andrew Luck, the Colts had the best long-ball quarterback in the league.

TMQ Super Bowl Discussion Thread

Even though Gregg Easterbrook has left us for the greener pastures of NFL.com, we know that the discussion threads we provided during his short stay at our site were very popular.  Therefore we're providing the "unofficial official" discussion thread of Tuesday Morning Quarterback each week.  This will be your place to discuss Gregg's column at NFL.com which is here.  I forgot, by the way, that Gregg always does a "bad predictions review" column the week after the Super Bowl, so we'll have a thread for that one too next week.

For you TMQ haiku fans, I wanted to point out this set of haikus from my co-worker Stanwood Chang devoted to the Pats' victory.  A couple of my favorites:

Patriots jersey
hides insignia beneath:
Vrabel's "S" on chest

Coach Bill Belichick --
"Master"? "Mad Genius"? Nay,
I say "Sorcerer"

Cats sniper Delhomme --
not Manning, not McNair -- picks
apart Pats backfield

Plummer "era" over --
Delhomme more deserving of
"Jake the Snake" mantle

Here are the final scores for the Football Outsiders fantasy playoff league.  Aaron's team wins with 227 points thanks to the Patriots' championship.  Shockingly, the team of players none of us picked, the "leftovers" team, came in a close second thanks to Carolina's surprise run to the Super Bowl.


  RUSS  180 PAT 129 AARON 227
QB Manning, IND 72 McNair, TEN 19 Brady, NWE 55
RB M. Faulk, STL 18 George, TEN 12 A. Green, GNB 38
RB A. Smith, NWE 36 S. Davis, CAR 37 J. Lewis, BAL 3
WR T. Brown, NWE 15 Bruce, STL 11 Pinkston, PHI 15
WR J. Walker, GNB 15 Driver, GNB 8 S. Smith, CAR 57
WR Morton, KAN 1 Wayne, IND 28 Looker, STL 5
TE Franks, GNB 9 Wycheck, TEN 1 Sharpe, DEN 3
K M. Andersen, KAN 7 G. Anderson, TEN 12 Vinatieri, NWE 31 IVARSSON'S
DEF Tennessee 6 St. Louis 1 New England 20  
  MIKE 113 JASON 145 GEOFF 149 220
QB Bulger, STL 13 McNabb, PHI 28 Favre, GNB 34 Delhomme, CAR 68
RB Holmes, KAN 30 Portis, DEN 7 James, IND 47 Davenport, GNB 6
RB Buckhalter, PHI 7 Staley, PHI 22 Hambrick, DAL 2 K. Faulk, NWE 10
WR Mason, TEN 17 Givens, NWE 26 Holt, STL 2 Ferguson, GNB 19
WR R. Smith, DEN 12 Lelie, DEN 0 Harrison, IND 33 McCareins, TEN 1
WR D. Jackson, SEA 5 Branch, NWE 23 Kennison, KAN 5 Muhammad, CAR 46
TE Heap, BAL 14 Gonzalez, KAN 5 Fauria, NWE 4 Pollard, IND 21
K Wilkins, STL 18 Akers, PHI 12 Longwell, GNB 14 Vanderjagt, IND 22
DEF Dallas -3 Carolina 22 Baltimore 8 Green Bay 14

We also present the latest cartoon from Jason: