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» Weight and Injuries

NFL football is a violent game, and traumatic injuries are unfortunate but unavoidable. But are bigger players more likely to be hurt than their smaller peers?

TMQ Wild Card Discussion Thread

Even though Gregg Easterbrook has left us for the greener pastures of NFL.com, we know that the discussion threads we provided during his short stay at our site were very popular.  Therefore we're providing the "unofficial official" discussion thread of Tuesday Morning Quarterback each week.  This will be your place to discuss Gregg's column at NFL.com, which you can find here.

We said we would update our playoff fantasy standings each week in this space; they've already been discussed in the playoff fantasy draft thread but here's a nice clean version.  For those wondering, we'll add the best "leftover" team after this week's games give us a better idea of which one of those teams (picked by readers) is the best.


  RUSS 64 PAT 57 AARON 47
QB Manning, IND 38 McNair, TEN 6 Brady, NWE  
RB M. Faulk, STL   George, TEN 8 A. Green, GNB 22
RB A. Smith, NWE   S. Davis, CAR 16 J. Lewis, BAL 3
WR T. Brown, NWE   Bruce, STL   Pinkston, PHI  
WR J. Walker, GNB 11 Driver, GNB 6 S. Smith, CAR 19
WR Morton, KAN   Wayne, IND 10 Looker, STL  
TE Franks, GNB 9 Wycheck, TEN 1 Sharpe, DEN 3
K M. Andersen, KAN   G. Anderson, TEN 10 Vinatieri, NWE  
DEF Tennessee 6 St. Louis   New England  
QB Bulger, STL   McNabb, PHI   Favre, GNB 19
RB Holmes, KAN   Portis, DEN 7 James, IND 8
RB Buckhalter, PHI   Staley, PHI   Hambrick, DAL 2
WR Mason, TEN 2 Givens, NWE   Holt, STL  
WR R. Smith, DEN 12 Lelie, DEN 0 Harrison, IND 25
WR D. Jackson, SEA 5 Branch, NWE   Kennison, KAN  
TE Heap, BAL 14 Gonzalez, KAN   Fauria, NWE  
K Wilkins, STL   Akers, PHI   Longwell, GNB 9
DEF Dallas -3 Carolina 6 Baltimore 8

Now, discuss TMQ!