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21 Apr 2010, 05:11pm by Bill Connelly

Varsity Numbers: POE and Draftability

On the eve of the NFL Draft, Bill Connelly revisits his ratings for college running backs, looking out for red flags and draft sleepers.

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19 Feb 2010, 12:00pm by Bill Connelly

Varsity Numbers: Recruiting Spectacular

More than ever, schools and fans are obsessing over college football recruiting. But how much impact does recruiting have on a team's success on the field in the fall? Bill Connelly explores this question in Varsity Numbers.

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14 Jan 2010, 01:31pm by Bill Connelly

Varsity Numbers: Tradition and Tackiness

A title recap, a history lesson, and a peek into 2010. It's all here in the final Varsity Numbers of the 2009 season.

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11 Dec 2009, 02:39pm by Bill Connelly

VN: Bouncing Balls and Bad Commercials

In the final regular season edition of Varsity Numbers, Bill takes a look at last week's semifinals, pleads for a Suh Heisman, and talks fumbles.

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04 Dec 2009, 02:16pm by Bill Connelly

Varsity Numbers: SEC Title to Be Decided in Red Zone

This week, Bill looks at Alabama-Florida, Nebraska's upset chances, "gotcha" journalism, and some champion-level hip hop.

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27 Nov 2009, 12:15pm by Bill Connelly

Varsity Numbers: Et tu, OU?

This holiday edition of VN takes a look at how Oklahoma can rank so high, how Charlie Weis' teams have performed to other embattled Irish coaches, and how petty rivalries heal the world.

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20 Nov 2009, 12:11pm by Bill Connelly

VN: No Time for Panic in the Bayou

Bill Connelly mourns fallen quarterbacks and takes a look at LSU's offensive struggles, then applauds Jim Harbaugh and scolds Jim Harbaugh.

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13 Nov 2009, 01:39pm by Bill Connelly

VN: Nyquil, USC and HDTV

In this week's Varsity Numbers, Bill Connelly fights a cold, takes a closer look at USC, and correctly pronounces "chipotle."

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06 Nov 2009, 12:25pm by Bill Connelly

Varsity Numbers: Beatings and Moonbeams

This week's Varsity Numbers features a heavy course load, including Mickey Andrews' retirement, historical rankings, and a couple of book endorsements.

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30 Oct 2009, 06:00pm by Bill Connelly

Varsity Numbers: Eight Turnovers!

In this week's Varsity Numbers, Bill Connelly takes on Nebraska's turnovers -- well, maybe not all eight of them -- lays out a couple of extra mini-rants, and predicts the biggest upset of the season.

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