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10 May 2013, 12:27pm by Ben Muth

Word of Muth: Jonathan Cooper and Chance Warmack

The second part of Word of Muth's draft extravaganza focuses on the pass-blocking prowess of Jonathan Cooper and the pulling ability of Chance Warmack.

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02 May 2013, 11:30am by Ben Muth

Word of Muth: Eric Fisher and Luke Joeckel

For the first time, offensive tackles went 1-2 in the NFL draft. Ben Muth analyzes the college tape and gives his impressions of Eric Fisher and Luke Joeckel.

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04 Apr 2013, 11:21am by Ben Muth

Word of Muth: Examining Clady's Set

An excellent throw-and-catch by Peyton Manning and Demaryius Thomas produced a 22-yard touchdown for the Broncos in Week 16, but it also produced a handy example of Ryan Clady stoning Billy Winn in pass protection.

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28 Mar 2013, 12:21pm by Ben Muth

Word of Muth: Stopping Pass-Rush Moves Part II

Get an offensive lineman's feet tangled and a sack is forthcoming. Plus: Why does Jason Pierre-Paul earn this week's X of Great Shame?

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21 Mar 2013, 02:26pm by Ben Muth

Word of Muth: Stopping Pass-Rush Moves

Anthony Castonzo and Jonathan Martin demonstrate bad ways to keep defenders away from the quarterback against the dip-and-rip and the straight-arm.

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14 Mar 2013, 10:22am by Ben Muth

Word of Muth: Free Agent Interior Linemen

Andy Levitre and Louis Vasquez received some gigantic contracts over the past few days, so Word of Muth puts on the tape and examines their strengths and weaknesses.

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07 Mar 2013, 12:05pm by Ben Muth

Word of Muth: Free Agent Tackles Part II

Word of Muth breaks down Jake Long, Phil Loadholt, and Jermon Bushrod as Ben finishes his look at free-agent tackles.

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04 Mar 2013, 02:22pm by Ben Muth

Word of Muth: Free Agent Tackles Part I

Ben Muth is ready to give his take on this year's top free-agent linemen. First up: Sebastian Vollmer, Branden Albert, and Andre Smith.

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14 Feb 2013, 01:56pm by Ben Muth

Word of Muth: Super Bowl Review Part II

Don't blame this loss on San Francisco's play-calling. Plus, why DeAngelo Tyson's Super Bowl ring is weighted down by The X of Great Shame.

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07 Feb 2013, 01:44pm by Ben Muth

Word of Muth: Super Bowl Review Part I

Word of Muth goes in-depth with how the 49ers offensive line played in the Super Bowl. Part I: Pre-blackout.

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