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Football Outsiders Store FAQ

We hope this page answers typical questions about how to buy things at the Football Outsiders store, as well as questions about what is included in Football Outsiders Almanac 2018 and the KUBIAK fantasy football projections spreadsheet.

If you have any other questions about the book, KUBIAK, or FO Premium, or you don't feel that these answers fully handle your questions, please contact us at Please be as descriptive as possible with regards to your issue; if relevant, please include the five-digit order number from your e-mail confirmation.

Using the Football Outsiders Store

I purchased the PDF version of Football Outsiders Almanac 2018 and/or KUBIAK, but I was not sent the file. How do I download my order?

To download your order, go to our homepage and (while logged in) click on My FO Downloads or My Files on the left sidebar. Either link will take you to your account's downloads page, where you can download the product(s) you ordered.

I made my purchase, but when I go to the "My FO Downloads" page, it says "Transaction Received" next to the file(s) I purchased.

If this is the case, your order is still being processed by PayPal. 99.9 percent of the time, it means that you paid by an eCheck through PayPal. Much like real checks, eChecks take several business days to clear -- only when the check is cleared does PayPal tell us that the order is complete, at which point your purchase is made available to download.

Why does Football Outsiders require a PayPal account to purchase anything?

Some folks have requested a method to purchase FO products on the web without using PayPal. We've created an option for you to do so. When you go through the purchase process at the Football Outsiders Online Store, you are taken to a PayPal payment page, where you can log in if you have an account. On the left side, though, just above all the credit card logos, is a link that takes you to where you can pay without a PayPal account. It's always been there.

UPDATE: Apparently, a number of complaints are about an inability to use credit cards while purchasing through PayPal. It turns out the issue here is that you need to fill out a form if you have not used PayPal before. It will have a section that says "Don't Have a PayPal Account?" If you fill the info in there and click continue, the credit card options will appear.

I tried to buy KUBIAK and/or Football Outsiders Almanac 2018 and a dialog box came up saying my order was being processed... and never went away. What happened?

If you have this problem, please alert us through our contact form.

Football Outsiders Almanac 2018

When will Football Outsiders Almanac 2018 be available for purchase and download?

The PDF version of FO Almanac 2018 was released on Friday, July 20.

When will the print version of Football Outsiders Almanac 2018 be available for purchase? How much will it cost? Will there be a package with KUBIAK or the PDF version?

The print version of FOA 2018 is now available and can be purchased through Amazon.

Unfortunately, for technical reasons, we are unable to offer any package deals that give readers a discount for purchasing both the printed version of FOA 2018 and any other FO products. In addition, we will not be offering package deals that combine A Good Walkthrough Spoiled: The Best of Mike Tanier at Football Outsiders with any other products.

What about Barnes & Noble? And will the book be available at my local bookstore?

The printed copy of the book is generally only available through the two outlets mentioned above. It may appear later in stores due to Createspace's "Expanded Distribution Channel," but we wouldn't count on it.

I want to buy the PDF copy of the book, but I also would like a printed copy. Is there any discount for buying both?

As noted above: for technical reasons, we are unable to offer any package deals which give readers a discount for purchasing both the printed version of FOA 2018 and any other FO products.

Is there a Kindle or iPad version of the book?

Unfortunately, we will not be able to produce a dynamic Kindle version of the book for 2018. The service we previously used to convert the text into Kindle no longer exists. We are working on finding an alternative for 2019. For now, we recommend you read the PDF version on your Kindle or iPad.

I'm in Europe and Amazon USA is so expensive. Is there a way to get a printed book?

YES! Createspace allows us to put the book on sale through Amazon Europe, which means it will be available with domestic shipping charges in the U.K., Germany, and other countries.

KUBIAK Preseason Fantasy Football Projections

When will the KUBIAK preseason fantasy football projections be available for purchase and download?

KUBIAK preseason fantasy football projections are now available for 2018.

I opened up the KUBIAK spreadsheet in [a program that is not Microsoft Excel for Windows] and had trouble using the spreadsheet. Why is this happening?

As we explain on the 2018 KUBIAK store page, neither Excel 2008 for Mac nor OpenOffice is able to run the macros contained in KUBIAK to customize leagues. We apologize for the inconvenience, but it's an issue that's out of our control.

I can't get KUBIAK to work on iPad. Why is this happening?

Unfortunately, .zip files are not accessible on iPad. You will need to open the file on another computer or device, then transfer to your iPad.

How often is KUBIAK updated? When will I know if it has been updated?

Once training camps start, KUBIAK is updated every day or two to reflect the latest injuries and depth charts. KUBIAK updates will be listed in a box on the right side of Football Outsiders.

Is KUBIAK updated during the regular season?

KUBIAK was never updated regularly during the season, and we no longer do a midseason update in late September. However, you can get weekly fantasy football projections all year long with our FO Weekly Fantasy Projections product and data from Sports Info Solutions. It's just $25 for the year! More info here.

FO Standard Premium

I bought FO Standard Premium and now I can't find the stats database. Where is it?

Premium access requires being logged into the site. Check the top black bar to see if you're logged in; if it shows Member Name and Password boxes, you're not logged in. If you're logged in, you can click on the Premium Content button at the top right of the page (or just click here) to get to the Premium section.

This page has links to all three premium subscription products.

What is the historical record of Football Outsiders Premium picks against the spread?

The regular-season record since 2010 is as follows:


  • 2010 Regular season: 141-108-7, .561
  • 2011 Regular season: 127-117-12, .520
  • 2012 Regular season: 144-104-8, .578
  • 2013 Regular season: 119-130-7, .479
  • 2014 Regular season: 111-136-9, .451
  • 2015 Regular season: 114-130-9, .468
  • 2016 regular season: 121-112-13, .518
  • 2017 regular season: 115-112-10, .506


  • 2010 Regular season: 165-91, .641
  • 2011 Regular season: 164-92, .642
  • 2012 Regular season: 171-84-1, .670
  • 2013 Regular season: 171-84-1, .670
  • 2014 regular season: 162-93-1, .635
  • 2015 regular season: 153-103, .598
  • 2016 regular season: 160-92-2, .634
  • 2017 regular season: 176-78, .693

(No, we don't know what happened to our accurate picks from 2013-2015. This may discourage you from buying FO Premium, but we're not the type of site to lie about our record. The good news is that our picks rebounded in 2016. We do stand by our general performance going back seven years, and the fact that picks against the spread are just a small part of what FO Premium offers.)