Pro Football Prospectus 2008

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"A book that any self-respecting NFL fan needs to purchase." -- Bill Simmons,

For the over 14 million people who play fantasy football every year; for the hardcore fan who wants information beyond sports page recaps; for everyone who bets on the NFL; and for the smart, casual enthusiast looking for entertainment and insight comes the essential preseason annual. With numerous statistical measures that go far beyond standard NFL stats, Pro Football Prospectus gives NFL fans the kind of sabermetric-like statistical analysis that revolutionized the fan's understanding of baseball. And like its sister publication, Baseball Prospectus, it's written with a knowing dry wit that gets under the skin of America's most popular spectator sport.

"Essential reading for fans who want more than cliches -- Pro Football Prospectus tells you not just who will win, but why." -- Ron Jaworski, ESPN Monday Night Football.

The New York Times Magazine compared Aaron Schatz to Bill James, the legendary guru of baseball statistics. Schatz and his team at are revolutionizing our understanding of professional football with their own collection of advanced and revelatory statistics as well as the results of the Football Outsiders game charting project, which has broken down the last three seasons of NFL games far beyond what is available in the official play-by-play.

"Terrific, insightful 515-page tome I've been spending far too much time with over the past six days ... exhaustive, enlightening, surprising in many cases, and an absolute must-read if you like the NFL." -- Peter King,

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Over the past four seasons, Football Outsiders has correctly predicted more NFL playoff teams than any expert from ESPN, Sports Illustrated, or the numerous preseason magazines available on the newsstand. Last year's book predicted that Green Bay and Tampa Bay would win their divisions, that Jacksonville would become one of the top teams in the NFL, and that Larry Johnson and Shaun Alexander would struggle.

"Like most football fans, the more football I watch, the more I realize I don't understand about 80 percent of what's going on. Pro Football Prospectus is what I pick up to decipher all the madness. It's a kick to read, too; these guys know their football, but they also know that, after all, this game is supposed to be fun."-- Will Leitch, editor of

Inside Pro Football Prospectus 2008

  • Groundbreaking team and player DVOA ratings that correct for situation and opponent to reveal which offenses and defenses are truly superior, and which players really help win games.
  • Exclusive data from the Football Outsiders game charting project, unavailable in standard NFL stats, tells you which receivers run the longest patterns on both complete and incomplete passes; which quarterbacks benefit the most from yards after catch; which teams most often blitz or run specific offensive formations; and which defensive backs stop the other team's passing game, measured by pass coverage on every single play rather than just tackles.
  • Extensive coverage of all 32 teams with week-by-week stats from the 2007 season, five-year performance trends, and analysis of off-season personnel changes.
  • Exclusive 2008 predictions that give the odds on each team as a Super Bowl contender ... or a contender for the top pick in the 2009 draft.
  • 2008 fantasy football projections for more than 500 skill position players based on the KUBIAK forecasting system.

"Indispensable to fantasy football players and fans who simply want to dig into the real reasons teams play well." -- The Washington Times.

New and Improved for 2008

  • College football Top 25 projections
  • Overhauled individual DVOA stats
  • DVOA projections for individual skill players
  • Opponent adjustments for defensive back stats
  • The Year in Quotes
  • Research on projecting rookie running backs and wide receivers

"The most accurate insight into why teams really win and lose." -- Jim Schwartz, defensive coordinator, Tennessee Titans

Vital Stats

Publisher: Plume

528 pages

Available July 7, 2008

Cover Price: $21.95 (discounted at online booksellers)

ISBN-10: 0452289734

ISBN-13: 978-0452289734

Authors: Aaron Schatz with Ben Alamar, Bill Barnwell, Will Carroll, Doug Farrar, Stuart Fraser, Brian Fremeau, Russell Levine, Kevin Lynch, Ned Macey, Sean McCormick, Bill Moore, Rob Pitzer, Ben Riley, Michael David Smith, Mike Tanier, Vince Verhei, and Ryan Wilson

"A must for anyone interested in going beyond 'this guy has more yards, he must be better.'" -- King Kaufman,